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Full Suspension Mountain Bikes For Sale

Shop new and Certified Pre-Owned used full suspension mountain bikes from industry leading brands like Specialized, Trek, Giant, Yeti, Evil, Transition, & more.

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The best full suspension mountain bikes are easy to ride and an absolute blast. Modern geometry and better shocks up the stakes for full suspension MTBs every year. TPC's full suspension bikes range from full-squish DH bikes to zippy bikes for long climbs, and trail bikes that hit the sweet spot between. Read our take on how much suspension you need. Or want extra juice? Try a full suspension electric mountain bike.

The Best Full-Suspension MTBs

Choosing the best full-suspension mountain bike hinges on an understanding of your riding style and the amount of suspension required for the trails you ride. Expertly engineered geometry combined with appropriate travel ensures these bikes respond optimally to the rider's movements and trail conditions. Full-suspension MTBs provide the dual advantages of improved traction and enhanced comfort, allowing riders to conquer challenging terrains with ease and confidence.

The Forbidden Druid is perfect for all-day adventures, or lift assisted laps with its 130mm of travel. 

What Does "Travel" Mean

In mountain biking parlance, 'travel' refers to the vertical movement of the bike's front and rear wheels—a determinant for the bike's performance across different terrains. Bikes with shorter travel (around 100-120mm) are more suited to XC racing and trail adventures where responsiveness and low weight are paramount. In contrast, long travel bikes (140-200mm) are designed for all-mountain shredding, downhill, and enduro racing, absorbing big hits and smoothing out rough terrains, enabling aggressive riding at high speeds.

The Specialized Stumpjumper is a jack of all trades with 130 or 150mm of travel depending on the spec chosen. 

Full Suspension E-MTBs

Electronic Mountain Bikes (E-MTBs) have transformed the biking landscape, pushing the boundaries of traditional mountain biking. Full-suspension E-MTBs blend the thrill and technical prowess of standard MTBs with the added power of an electric motor. This fusion allows riders to cover greater distances and climb steeper hills with less effort. Despite their electric assistance, E-MTBs maintain the fun and exhilaration of a conventional MTB, allowing riders to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Orbea Rise is the perfect E-MTB for those seeking out challenging terrain on a lighter chassis. 

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