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Colnago Bikes For Sale - New & Used

Shop Certified Pre-Owned used and new bikes from the iconic brand, Colnago. Find models like the V3 road bikes and G3-X carbon gravel bike. Talk to one of our expert Ride Guides today to find the right bike for you. 

Tadej Pogačar's Colnago V3Rs Race Bike

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Ernesto Colnago is il maestro di Cambiago. He started small, just himself running a tiny workshop, then quickly made a name for himself, working as a mechanic and builder for pro riders. His most famous collaboration began in 1967 with Eddy Merckx. Since then, his name has been synonymous with pro racing from the 1970s until today. 


Colnago builds bikes for the road and time trials and recently has developed a gravel bike

Colnago Road Bikes

The Colnago mystique is built around ride quality. Colnago was not interested in creating a light bike that doesn’t handle well or can’t stand up to abuse. It is for this reason that Colnago has stuck with threaded bottom brackets and has been careful using proprietary seatposts, favoring comfort here over weight savings.   

Colnago has built cutting-edge concept bikes and bikes that are so traditional that they’re old-fashioned. Of the former, Colnago was building low-slung time trial bikes out of steel for the Soviet Union that won the Olympic team time trial in 1980. Colnago also experimented with shaped carbon fiber for time trial bikes in the late 1980s. Of the traditional, Colnago brought their legendary steel-tubed Master frameset back into production in the 2010s.  

Colnago V3RS

The Colnago V3RS is the successor to the V2R. It’s their lightweight, monocoque, aerodynamic race bike. One that is generally preferred by the UAE cycling team of Tadej Pogacar. If you can find it, Colnago had a V3, which shared the same design and substituted less-expensive carbon fiber to bring the cost down. The V3RS took many aero cues from their now-discontinued full-on aero road bike, the Colnago Concept.


Colnago C64


The Colnago C64 frameset is the zenith of Colnago’s design genius (thus far). It’s a successor to the C60, which succeeded the C59. The frame features lugged carbon-fiber construction and traditional geometry, with a bit higher stack and shorter reach. While it feels fast, il maestro also believes that comfort and stability are equally important. It can be built up under the UCI 6.9kg minimum, but the low weight was not the goal but a byproduct of everything else.


Colnago C60


Colnago’s C60 is a carbon-fiber, Italian superbike that, depending on the finish, might not scream its awesomeness so loudly. See it in matte black and it takes a close inspection to notice the lugs, the sleek cable ports, the star-shaped tubes, and the oversized ThreadFit 82.5 bottom bracket. See it in white or red, and it calls from hundreds of meters away.