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Santa Cruz Bikes & Framesets For Sale

Shop certified pre-owned used & new Santa Cruz bikes & frames, including the 5010 CC, Bronson, and Chameleon with TPC - The Pro’s Closet.

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Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded by a skateboard legend, and designs with a rebellious spirit. The first Santa Cruz bike was full-suspension, and it’s grown to a full, drool-worthy line of MTBs.

Santa Cruz Bicycles has a deserved reputation as a company that makes smart, light, strong, and reactive frames, and builds them into smartly-curated complete bikes. These whips are for people who like to ride with a minimum of fuss and ostentation The people at Santa Cruz MTB have mastered both carbon-fiber and aluminum, taking those materials and turning them in to aesthetically clean designs that answer Occam’s razor. 

For many of the models, there are three ranges, the aluminum-frame version is more economical, Carbon C is the middle-ground, while Santa Cruz Carbon CC is the top level. Santa Cruz also has a women’s-specific brand, Juliana, named for Juliana Furtado, the first-ever women’s world champion in MTB, and a killer on two wheels. The geometries on Juliana’s are largely identical, with the naming, paint, and component spec changed. 

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes 

Santa Cruz debuted in 1993 with a rare, for the time, full-suspension design. While they also make hardtails, their rear suspension stands out for Santa Cruz’ embrace of Virtual Pivot Point, VPP, design. VPP’s are found on all their rear suspension, including their Bronson, Hightower, Nomad, and Tallboy, all of which we have for sale. In case you’re wondering, VPP is a series of linkages that allow the rear end to pivot off a theoretical point above the bottom bracket, making it harder for the bike to squat under pedaling pressure or stand under heavy braking. The benefit for pedaling is greater efficiency, the benefit in braking is greater control and better traction. 

Santa Cruz Bikes For Sale 

Santa Cruz has bikes for whatever kind of dirt-oriented adventure you’re looking to ride. Whether it’s an XC bike, a trail bike, an enduro bike, a downhill bike, even a gravel or an e-bike, they build it and The Pro’s Closet sells it. We even have Santa Cruz frames in their bare form, ready to build. For all the focus on suspension, Santa Cruz builds impressive hardtails. 

Their Highball is a thoroughbred xc bike that has enough give in the rear end to smooth out chatter. But the real kicker is the Santa Cruz Chameleon, which despite being an aluminum hardtail, is a great trail bike, can take different wheel sizes, and can even be set-up as a single-speed, if that floats your boat. 

Used Santa Cruz Bikes 

One of the great things about Santa Cruz bikes is they hold their value. Santa Cruz doesn’t rush to update models to have the latest colorway and trim in a new model year. They see their bikes as timeless, both aesthetically and practically, and step away from competing with designs of the week. There are many reasons to seriously consider a used Santa Cruz. 

They’re built very well, with welds on the aluminum frames and lay-up on the carbon that are designed to last and last. The pivots and linkages move on oversized bearings, so they, too, have long lives. If there’s an odd case of worn parts, we’ve replaced them before putting the bike up for sale. Another plus is that they use very few proprietary parts, so commonly-available shocks and seatposts will help you tune the ride to your needs. 

Santa Cruz Gravel Bikes 

Santa Cruz got into the gravel game with the Stigmata back in 2015, which itself was a rebirth of their cyclocross bike. They designed it as a mating of cyclocross and gravel, with clearance for both 45mm 700c tires and 2.1” 650b tires. They were interested in joining the fun, quick-handling of ‘cross with adventure manners of a hardtail mountain bike. As such, the Stigmata can be built up around 33m cyclocross tubulars for racing, 40mm smooth treads for mixed surfaces, or 2.1” knobbies for adventure, bikepacking, even old-school drop-bar mountain biking.

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What’s special about Santa Cruz bikes? Are they worth the money?

Santa Cruz bikes stand out because they’re made with top-notch materials like carbon fiber, making them strong, light, and long-lasting. They have special designs like the VPP suspension that make rides smoother and more efficient on all kinds of trails. They offer lots of bike types, each tailored to different riding styles. 

They also care about the planet and the community, working on reducing their impact on the environment and helping out with trail work. People trust and like the Santa Cruz brand, and their bikes are seen as a symbol of quality in the biking world.

With a lifetime frame warranty for the first owner, Santa Cruz shows they believe in their bikes' durability. For mountain bike fans, investing in a Santa Cruz bike can be worth it because of their performance, quality, and the company’s support after you buy.

Are Santa Cruz bikes made in the USA?

Santa Cruz Bicycles are designed and assembled in the USA, they do not manufacture all of their bikes in the USA. The company is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, where it was founded and where it conducts its research, development, and design work. However, the actual manufacturing of the frames and components largely takes place overseas, predominantly in Asia, like many other bicycle brands.

What is Santa Cruz’s product/bike hierarchy?

Santa Cruz makes mountain bikes, e-bikes, and gravel bikes. Their mountain bikes include the V10, Nomad, Bullit, Megatower, Bronson, Heckler, Hightower, 5010, Tallboy, and Blur. Their gravel bikes include the Highball, Chameleon, Stigmata, Skitch, and Jackal. Their lineup is rounded out by their e-bikes Heckler SL, Heckler, Bullit, and Skitch.

Specs Comparison Table - Popular Santa Cruz Models Recently Sold on TPC

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 Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon MX Mountain Bike - 2023, X-LargeSanta Cruz Blur Carbon Mountain Bike - 2023, LargeSanta Cruz Hightower CC X01 Mountain Bike - 2023, XX-LargeSanta Cruz Heckler Carbon C Mountain E-Bike - 2023, LargeSanta Cruz Stigmata CC Gravel Bike - 2022, 58cm
Original MSRP$6,349.00$9,100.00$8,799.00$10,399.00$7,999.00
BrandSanta CruzSanta CruzSanta CruzSanta CruzSanta Cruz
ModelBronson CBlur CHightower CCHeckler Carbon CStigmata CC
Frame MaterialCarbon FiberCarbon FiberCarbon FiberCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
DrivetrainSRAM, 1x12 spdSRAM, 1x12 spdSRAM, 1x12 spdSRAM, 1x12 spdSRAM, 1x12 spd
Weight32 lbs 12 oz24 lbs 15 oz32 lbs 1 oz50 lbs 9 oz20 lbs 14 oz
ForkFOX Performance Series 36 FLOATFOX Factory Series 34 FLOAT Step-CastFOX Factory Series 36 FLOATFOX Performance Series 36 FLOATSanta Cruz , Carbon
Fork Travel160mm120mm150mm160mmNA
Rear ShockFOX Performance Series FLOAT XFOX Factory Series FLOAT DPSRockShox Super Deluxe UltimateRockShox Super Deluxe Select+NA
Rear Shock Travel150mm115mm145mm150mmNA
BrakesShimano XT M8120, Disc - HydraulicSRAM Level ULT, Disc Brakes - HydraulicSRAM Code RSC, Disc Brakes - HydraulicSRAM Code R, Disc Brakes - HydraulicSRAM Force AXS HRD, Disc Brakes - Hydraulic
ShiftersSRAM GX Eagle, MechanicalSRAM XX1 Eagle, MechanicalSRAM X01 Eagle, MechanicalSRAM GX Eagle, MechanicalSRAM Force eTap AXS, Electronic
Rear DerailleurSRAM X01 Eagle AXSSRAM XX1 EagleSRAM X01 EagleSRAM GX EagleSRAM Force AXS eTap
Bottom Bracket ShellThreadedThreadedThreadedN/AThreaded
CranksetTruvativ Descendant Carbon, 32t, 175mmQuarq SRAM XX1 Eagle Carbon Power Meter, 32t, 175mmSRAM X1 Eagle Carbon, 32t, 170mmShimano XT M8150, 34t, 165mmSRAM Force AXS Carbon, 38t, 175mm
CassetteSRAM XG-1275 Eagle , 10-52tSRAM XG-1299 Eagle , 10-52tSRAM XG-1275 Eagle , 10-50tSRAM XG-1275, 10-50tSRAM Force AXS XG-1271 XPLR, 10-44t
HandlebarChromag Fubars Alloy, 800mmSRAM Atmos Alloy, 760mmSanta Cruz Carbon, 800mmSanta Cruz e35 Carbon, 800mmEaston EC90 AX Carbon, 46cm

Santa Cruz Hightower Size Chart

All bikes are technically unisex, ranging from 48cm (fits 4’11” to 5’2”) to 60cm (fits 6’3” to 6’5”). Depending on the model variant, the Hightower's fit range is between 5'6" and 6'4". Sizing will vary between road and mountain bikes. Check our road bike sizing guide to take accurate measurements based on your height, pick the right size, find the right saddle height, and geek out on frame geometry. 

Size Chart

Measured Frame SizeFrame SizeMin Rider HeightMax Rider Height
13 inXS4' 10"5' 2"
15 inSmall5' 2"5' 6"
17 inMedium5' 6"5' 10"
19 inLarge5' 10"6' 2"
21 inXL6' 2"6' 5"

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