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Santa Cruz

Simply Advanced. That’s the promise of Santa Cruz Bicycles. The company was founded by mountain bikers and skateboarders who knew they could make a better bike, and that spirit of rebellious innovation still drives Santa Cruz. In 1994, it launched the Tazmon, the first full suspension trail bike, and kicked off a storm of innovation and technological progression. Today, Santa Cruz remains at the forefront of a space race of ultramodern technological innovation, producing premium mountain bikes for every rider.

Santa Cruz has packed high tech engineering into all of its bikes. Suspension designs that purport to suddenly make you a better rider are a dime a dozen. But Santa Cruz has been developing its Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) system for two decades and has seen it achieve some serious competitive results under its pro riders. Even though you’re probably not a pro, the VPP system is an excellent suspension platform. The rear suspension reacts differently as it moves through the travel, allowing efficient pedaling at the sag point with excellent rear tire traction while still being firm enough through the rest of the travel to provide support at speed.

The carbon construction of Santa Cruz frames has earned the brand countless loyal riders around the world. It has its own carbon lab at its headquarters/assembly facility in Santa Cruz, California and it is part-owner of its exclusive Skybox manufacturing facility in China. The constant innovation in carbon construction results in frames that are incredibly strong, durable, and stiff. When you get a Santa Cruz bike on the trails you can feel it. 

Santa Cruz has never lost touch with its roots and still works to give back to the mountain biking community. The Santa Cruz Factory Racing team is made up of employees, family, and friends who race at every level from beginner to pro in every discipline. They’ve put in thousands of hours of community service, building trails and keeping the stoke alive on their home turf. Whether you’re out to conquer your first mountain bike ride ever or to lay down lines through rock gardens on the trail that’s been haunting your dreams, the Santa Cruz mission is to spread its love of mountain biking to every rider.

Santa Cruz


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