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Santa Cruz Highball For Sale

Shop new & used Santa Cruz Highball bikes and framesets at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, prices and size charts on various models and popular years. Read our Santa Cruz Highball Quick-Take Review below.

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The Santa Cruz Highball is a fast, lightweight hardtail with a racing identity, ready to indulge in long-haul weekend rides. Since 2011 when it was first introduced, it’s been part of the Santa Cruz lineup as their flagship hardtail. The latest model rolls on 29er wheels, 100mm of travel, and updated geometry for quick handling. A lightweight, stiff carbon frame and large wheels create a stable, efficient, and uber-fast ride over long distances. 

2023 Santa Cruz Highball - Weight, Specs, Price

Highball X0 RSV Carbon CC (Med)


Wheel Size

Travel (mm)




F: 100 

22.4 lbs

The 2022 Santa Cruz Highball’s 100mm of front travel provides added comfort for long days in the saddle or pursuing the podium.  

With over a decade under its belt, previous models include 27.5 and 29er options in aluminum and carbon. Current models have the Carbon C R, S, and GX AXS kits and Carbon CC XO1 ASX Reserve.

2023 Santa Cruz Highball Review - A TPC Quick-Take

The Santa Cruz Highball is a high-performance hardtail mountain bike celebrated for its versatility and capability, with builds across all price ranges. A stand-out for its efficient climbing and stable ride, the Highball is suitable for long hill climbs and XC racing.


  • Comfort: provides a comfortable ride with features designed to reduce vibration and trail bumpiness.
  • Frame and suspension: features a carbon frame and Rock Shox SID fork for a stable and plush ride.
  • Efficient climbing: enhanced by its geometry and 1x12 gearing.
  • Tires: equipped with Maxxis Rekon Race tires, suitable for loose dirt and all-around use.


  • Built with XC in mind: the Highball is designed to be an efficient race platform to conquer XC courses. This may not be the bike you choose for an all-day back-country epic. 

Bottom Line

The Santa Cruz Highball stands out as a versatile, fast, and stable bike, suitable for a range of cyclists, from endurance enthusiasts to weekend warriors and serious XC racers. While not the most budget-friendly option, its high-quality components and lightweight carbon frame justify its price. Ideal for those seeking a robust and stiff bike, it offers an excellent balance of performance and enjoyment.

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