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Cannondale is such a behemoth it’s hard to believe the company’s humble roots. They began in 1971 by making a bicycle trailer, the Bugger, and touring bags by the Cannon train station in Connecticut, where the town’s green had a cannon standing with the name Dale on it. 

They got their start in bikes in 1983, mass-producing touring and road racing frames out of aluminum, which was almost unheard of at the time. In 1984, Cannondale debuted their first mountain bike, the SM-500, an early “mullet” design with a 26” front wheel and 24” rear.    

Cannondale stuck with their own ideas, and eventually, aluminum frames became mainstream, thanks largely to their work. In the ‘90s, they invested in racing, both for access to racers and exposure to the public. The Volvo-Cannondale MTB team began in 1994 and won the Downhill World Championships that year with Missy Giove. They started sponsoring the Saeco cycling team out of Italy in 1997 to prove they could build road bikes. They quickly won the Giro d’Italia with Ivan Gotti aboard a CAAD 4 and got even more exposure when teammate Mario Cipollini took multiple stages at the Tour de France the next several years.

Cannondale’s trailer and bags, which were revolutionary when they debuted, are long-discontinued however, their spirit of disruption lives on.

What makes Cannondale a good bike & bike brand?

Cannondale stands out as a prestigious bike brand because of its innovative design, high-quality materials, and pioneering technology. With a focus on creating the best riding experience, Cannondale utilizes cutting-edge aluminum and carbon engineering to produce lightweight, durable frames that offer superior handling and comfort. Cannondale's commitment to innovation is evident in its unique suspension systems like the Lefty fork, which provides unmatched stability and control on various terrains. The brand’s dedication to quality and performance ensures that cyclists, whether beginners or professionals, trust Cannondale bikes for reliability, speed, and an unparalleled ride experience.

Are Cannondale bikes made in the USA?

Cannondale, originally an American company, was well-known for manufacturing its bicycles in the United States, particularly in its early years. Over time, like many other bike manufacturers, Cannondale shifted most of its production overseas to reduce costs and remain competitive in the global market.

As of the early 2020s, the majority of Cannondale's manufacturing had moved to factories in Asia, primarily Taiwan and China, which is a common practice in the bicycle industry due to the lower costs and advanced manufacturing technology available there. High-end models and certain specialty bikes might still be designed in the U.S., and the company maintains a strong research and development presence in America, but the actual production of most models occurs abroad.

What is Cannondale’s product/bike hierarchy?

Their vast range spans road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, kids bikes, and e-bikes. Their road bikes include SuperSix Evo, SystemSix, Synapse, Topstone, Topstone Lefty, SuperX, CAAD13, and CAAD Optimo. Mountain bikes include Moterra, Scalpel, Habit, Jekyll, and Trail. Hybrid bikes include Tesoro, Adventure Neo, Bad Boy, Treadwell, Compact, and Quick. Kids bikes entail Habit, Kids Trail, Kids Quick, and Kids Cujo. Their e-bikes consist of Adventure Neo, Adventure Neo Allroad, Compact Neo, Tesoro Neo SL EQ, Tesoro Neo X, Treadwell Neo, Cargowagen Neo, Moterra, and Topstone Neo.

Cannondale Bikes

Innovation has always been Cannondale’s bag. They’ve advanced many unique designs over the years, like their Headshok, cantilevered chainstays, the Lefty fork, the BB30 bottom bracket, integrated headsets, hybrid carbon-aluminum frames, and much more. Some have permeated the industry, some have remained particular to Cannondale, some have been dropped. It’s business as usual; Cannondale is always trying something new.    

They are a bit different than other big players in that they have relatively few frame models in a category, choosing instead to differentiate them with component builds. This means that the difference between models is not grades of aluminum or carbon-fiber, but component trim.  That’s why they are often just numbered, like Cannondale Habit Carbon 1, 2, 3, then Habit 4 and five are built out of aluminum. The benefit to you is that a Cannondale Synapse 105 bike has the same frame and fork as the Dura-Ace equipped model.

Cannondale Road Bikes

Cannondale road bikes have been around so long, that their advances no longer seem revolutionary, but evolutionary. Evermore refined. Their aluminum frames are mostly the Computer-Aided Advanced Design (CAAD) series, and over the years, every refinement gets a new number. They’re up to CAAD 13 now. Their carbon race bikes are the SuperSix, which is light and aero, and their SystemSix, which is aero and light. The Synapse is their endurance platform.  

Cannondale Mountain Bikes

Cannondale has been building MTB’s since 1984 and it shows.  They’ve got at least one thing for just about everyone who wants to dip a knob into the dirt. Their Catalyst and Dave are high-tech entry-level off-roaders, high on reliability and convenience. They then move through the world, with xc hardtails and full-suspension designs, trail bikes like the Scalpel SE, trail with benefits like the Habit, gravity bikes like the Jekyll, and even dirt jump bikes like the Dave.   

Cannondale Gravel Bikes

Cannondale’s gravel experience started with their decision to get into cyclocross with the Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld team. Headlined by national champion Tim Johnson, Cannondale has worked with the team to create a string of excellent ‘cross platforms over the years, starting with the XTJ and Super X, CAADX, and now the genre-straddling SuperSix Evo CX, which is based on the same frame as the gravel-oriented SuperSix EVO SE.  

Johnson, as his ‘cross career was fading, started riding Cannondale’s Slate gravel bike, a defiantly different take on gravel. Arguably, it was one of the first gravel bikes, boasting 650b wheels, and a Lefty fork with 30mm of travel. It was too far out for many, a hybrid they had a hard time grokking.

Cannondale moved on to the Topstone, which, in its carbon form, boasts a simple, functional, light rear suspension design. And now the SuperSix EVO SE, which blurs the distinction between road, ‘cross, and gravel. 

Cannondale Electric Bikes

Cannondale loudly sings the body electric. They make them in road, touring, urban, fitness, and electric mountain bikes. They made them to be like regular bikes, just with the benefits of an electric power boost, one that can travel up to 28mph. Cannondale worked to have a range that is up to 100 miles on a single charge.

Specs Comparison Table - Popular Cannondale Models Recently Sold on TPC

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 Cannondale Habit Carbon 1 Mountain Bike - 2023, SmallCannondale Topstone Carbon 1 RLE Gravel Bike - 2023, SmallCannondale Synapse Carbon 1 RLE GRX Di2 Road Bike - 2023, 58cmCannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 1 Road Bike - 2023, 54cmCannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD Ultegra Di2 Road Bike - 2021, 56cm
Original MSRP$5,550.00$13,500.00$9,050.00$13,500.00$8,000.00
ModelHabit CarbonSuperSix EVO Hi-MODSynapse Carbon 1 RLESuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 1SystemSix Hi-MOD
Frame MaterialCarbon FiberCarbon FiberCarbon FiberCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
DrivetrainSRAM, 1x12 spdSRAM, 2x12 spdShimano, 2x11 spdSRAM, 2x12 spdShimano, 2x11 spd
Weight29 lbs 8 oz15 lbs 8 oz19 lbs 13 oz15 lbs 12 oz18 lbs 3 oz
ForkRockShox Pike Select PlusCannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD, CarbonCannondale Synapse, CarbonSuperSix EVO, Hi-MOD CarbonBallisTec Hi-MOD, Carbon
Fork Travel140mmNANANANA
Rear ShockRockShox Deluxe Select PlusNANANANA
Rear Shock Travel130mmNANANANA
BrakesSRAM G2 RSC, Disc Brakes - HydraulicSRAM Red AXS HRD, Disc Brakes - HydraulicShimano GRX RX810, Disc Brakes - HydraulicSRAM Red HRD, Disc Brakes - HydraulicShimano Ultegra R8070 (Front), Shimano Tiagra R4770 (Rear), Disc Brakes - Hydraulic
ShiftersSRAM GX Eagle, MechanicalSRAM Red eTap AXS, ElectronicShimano GRX Di2 RX815, ElectronicSRAM Red AXS, ElectronicShimano Ultegra Di2 R8070, Electronic
Front DerailleurNASRAM Red eTap AXSShimano GRX Di2 RX815SRAM Red AXSShimano Ultegra Di2 R8050
Rear DerailleurSRAM GX EagleSRAM Red eTap AXSShimano GRX Di2 RX815SRAM Red AXSShimano Ultegra Di2 R8050 w/ Kogel Oversized Pulley Wheel
Bottom Bracket ShellThreadedThreadedThreadedThreadedPress fit
CranksetSRAM GX Eagle, 30t, 165mmSRAM Red AXS Carbon, 48/35t, 170mmNASRAM Red Carbon, 48/35t, 172.5mmHollowGram Si Alloy, 52/36t, 175mm
CassetteSRAM XG-1275 Eagle , 10-52tSRAM Red AXS XG-1290, 10-28tShimano HG800-11, 11-34tSRAM Red XG-1290, 10-28tShimano Ultegra R8000, 11-32t
HandlebarCannondale HollowGram SAVE Carbon, 780mmCannondale System Bar R-One Carbon Integrated Bar/Stem, 40cmCannondale HollowGram SAVE Carbon, 44cmCannondale SystemBar R-One Carbon MOMO Design, 42cmHollowGram KNØT SAVE Carbon , 44cm

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