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Bike Pedals - Clipless, Flat, Mountain & Road Bike Pedals

Shop new and used Bike Pedals for sale with TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find the best clipless, flat, SPD pedals for road, gravel, or mountain biking. 

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Pedals have a few crucial jobs, like making your ride efficient, stable, and comfortable while powering you up, over, and around the next bend. Determining your type of riding and the kind of performance you’re after will make your pedal search easier. From clipless to platform, mountain bike to road, the best pedal gives you confidence, power, and control to take on any road, race, trail, or commute.


Mountain Bike Pedals


Mountain bike pedals take trail riding abuse while offering excellent grip, control, and confidence from big jumps to flowy singletrack. Flat pedals provide ease of movement while still supplying superb grip and control. Clipless takes the reins with efficiency and security by staying connected to your bike so you can power through technical terrain while keeping your feet in place. Personal preference, ride style, and trying them first will help you find the perfect match. 


Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals offer an efficient and secure ride by keeping your feet connected to your bike and in place while you roll through whatever the trail throws your way. XC riders welcome clipless pedals on long and chatty rides, while trail riders appreciate the smaller size and security for clearing rocks. The two biggest names on the market are Shimano SPDs, which are easy to adjust and super reliable, and Crank Brother Eggbeaters, which are easy to unclip and clear through mud and snow. 


Flat Pedals

Flat pedals make it easy to ride confidently if you need to bail or drop a foot while still providing excellent grip and control by keeping your feet in place. Flat pedals have come a long way over the years with better grip, shape, and sizes, and there’s a way wider selection of flat shoes to choose from for the ultimate performance pairing. If you’re flat curious, the Chester pedal from Race Face is super burly and won't break the bank. 

Road Bike Pedals


Road bike pedals add significant efficiency, power, and security by using a clipless system that creates a connected and supportive relationship between you and your bike. Look, TIME and Shimano SPD-SL are the most common, using three bolts to attach the cleat to your shoe. Float and tension adjustments give your feet a little play and offer fine-tuning for geometry and comfort. Road bike pedals create the best connection to keep your feet in place while generating significant power with each pedal stroke.


Power Meter Pedals


Power meter pedals paint an accurate and reliable picture of how much power and energy you’re putting through your pedals. Electronics in each pedal combined with wireless technology and easy-to-use apps show how much energy you create with each stroke. Whether training for race day or looking to track your performance with real-time analysis, take the guesswork out of just how hard you’re working with power meter pedals.

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