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Bike Tools & Bike Repair Kits

Find the right tool for the job at TPC - The Pro's Closet. From bike maintenance to washing, we have everything you need to get the job done. Browse our selection of allen keys, floor pumps, and more today.


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Bikes are meant
to be used.

Odds are, if you love bikes, you love bike tools. Bike maintenance can be very satisfying and help you become more in-tune with your bike. Finding the right tool for the job is important, and with so many options and job-specific tools, it can feel overwhelming. Well, worry not! The Pro's Closet has plenty of tools to choose from and will match you with the perfect tool to help you get back out riding ASAP.

What Are The Best Tools To Start With?

Cyclists typically start their tool collection small. Just enough to fit in a bag that can travel on or with the bike. Tire levers, allen keys, tubes, patch kits, multi-tools, portable pump or CO2 inflator, possibly some patches, and a bike chain tool, are probably the minimum to carry on the road or trail. Some folks include first aid in their MTB tool kit. Some obsessives go so far as to include an MTB shock pump in their off-road kit, but it usually means carrying a decent-sized hydration pack riding.

As time goes on, the home tool kit typically grows. If one has the tools, then there’s no waiting for someone else to fix the bike, and no time spent going to and from the shop. The cost has an impact because many repairs roughly equal the cost of the tool needed. Once it’s purchased, subsequent repairs have been paid for. A floor pump might be the first purchase in this realm; a repair stand might be the second. After that, it depends on need; it could be a spoke wrench or a crank puller.

Best Bike Washing Brands

Many companies make everything needed to repair bikes, from hex keys to bearing presses to cleaners. Cleaning products might seem like nothing, but there’s a difference between petroleum-based and environmentally-friendly solvents, a factor that should be heeded. Companies like Muc Off make sure their products are biodegradable, so you don’t have to spend time and effort properly disposing of wash remnants. 

Park Tool

Park Tool is the big blue of bike tools. They have the largest selection of bike fixing pieces available, and they regularly add to their catalog. Park Tool started by supplying tools to bike shops and then branched out to portable tools and outfitting the home mechanic. Their tools are built to last a lifetime, backed by durable quality and finish.

Pedro’s Bike Tools

Pedro’s began with lubes. They then moved to tire levers, multi-tools, pumps, and then shop-quality implements. There is fun and irreverence to Pedro’s, which, while dialed back a bit, can still be seen with their embrace of bright yellow for their color and their Chain Pig.

Wolf Tooth Bike Tools

Wolf Tooth Components is a small Minnesota company that first gained notoriety for its chainrings. They have always had an eye to fill needs no one else is looking at and execute that need with innovative designs. Their tool selection, while limited, focuses on creating high-quality tools that are light enough to take bikepacking or touring. Their Pack Hanger Alignment Tool, made for aligning derailleur hangers, is both shop quality and compact enough to carry in panniers.