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Patagonia - Casual, Outdoor & MTB Clothing

Shop Patagonia cycling apparel for road and MTB at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find specs, prices, and more. Browse popular items such as the Dirt Roamer pants, Houdini jacket, mountain bike jerseys, and more.


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Patagonia cycling gear is the perfect match for anyone who wants to ride in comfort, style, and value durability. Whether you're riding through rain, sun, or snow, Patagonia mountain biking pants, jerseys, and jackets will keep you in top shape for the adventure ahead. 

The Dirt Roamer pants are a favorite among mountain bikers; they feature moisture-wicking material, comfort for long days in the saddle, and stretch in one stylish design. 

The Houdini jacket gives you weather protection against the worst stormy conditions when the elements decide to change. The Landfarer bike shorts offer a comfortable ride with a low-profile and button-closure elastic waistband that minimizes discomfort and allows for a chafe-free fit under pack hip belts. 


Don't forget about Patagonia bags either, the Black Hole Duffel for your storage needs on long trips, and the 5-liter waist pack for your enduro rides. Plus, their t-shirts and hats are perfect for those hot days ahead. When you ride with Patagonia cycling gear, you're guaranteed a ride that is nothing short of amazing.

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