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Niner was founded on doing things differently. Making a 29er hardtail when the industry was sticking to 26” bikes was just the first step, and the company has been pushing boundaries ever since.

Chris Sugai, Niner founder and CEO, noticed something while riding one day in Cali: his 29” singlespeed was fast. Uphill, downhill, it didn’t matter because the wheels had better rollover than his 26” bike, and the size gave them more stability and traction too. Looking around, he realized there was an untapped opportunity here, and Niner soon released its first bike, a scandium singlespeed hardtail. 

As Niner grew, it developed the CVA suspension platform and built its first big travel, big-wheeled trail bike. The RIP 9 set the standard for what you could expect from a 29er and sent competitors scrambling to keep up. The Niner lineup ranges from steel hardtails,to race-ready carbon XC models, to 29er enduro beasts like the new RIP 9. It even offers a 27.5+ option for those looking for even more tire volume. 

The rest of the bike industry was a few years late catching up to Niner. Now, Niner continues to make bikes its own employees love to ride, and that passion shines through in the development process. The details have already been attended to, so you never look at a Niner bike and say, “Did the engineer even try this himself?” Niners should simply suit you, your lifestyle, and your riding style, and make you want to get on the trail, whether you’re commuting down the bike path to work or you’re Kirt Voreis taking his Niner RIP 9 off massive jumps.



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