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Look Cycle - Bikes, Framesets & Pedals For Sale

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Look bikes are embedded in racing history, from the revolutionary KG 86 that won the 1986 Tour de France to today's strikingly aerodynamic and high-performance bikes. Taking it back to France in 1951, Look went from developing ski bindings to launching the first automatic release clipless pedals. Their DNA starts with carbon, and they produce some of the lightest, stiffest, and incredibly well-handling bikes on the market. Their bikes have performance and legendary engineering on the brain from road to gravel and triathlon. Today, Look bikes remains committed to its heritage of giving cyclists an exceptional ride.

Look Road Bikes

Look road bikes are the stuff of legends, starting with a 1986 Tour de France win on a radical new carbon bike, the KG 86. Look puts research, technology, and passion into every road bike they make to give you a refined, aerodynamic, and perfect ride. The 795 Blade hits the road ready to race with the versatility and comfort of an endurance bike but the speed and performance of an aero bike. The 785 Huez is bred to climb with superlight carbon frames, optimal stiffness to weight ratio, and smooth handling for the steep road ahead. Rounding out the lineup is the 765 Optimum, Look’s endurance road bikes are for those in need of an all-around comfortable ride to enjoy the simple pleasure of pedaling and exploring.

Look Gravel Bikes

Look gravel bikes take a page from their road lineup but embrace gravel with an unstoppable and race-inspired ride through rough terrain. The carbon gurus brought their expertise to create a fantastic gravel ride that’s lightweight and stiff while having enough flex to absorb vibrations from racing over rugged roads. The Look 765 comes complete with a carbon frame, lower and aggressive riding positioning, and minimal mounting points for a design ready for long races and high speeds. The 765 also comes in an electric assist version for an extra boost on your gravel adventures. 

Look Pedals

Look pedals offer safe, efficient, and trusted pedals for every riding discipline. In 1984 Look launched the first automatic release clipless pedal, the PP65, and in 1985 Bernard Hinault won the Tour de France with a bit of help from these new and incredibly secure pedals. Their road pedals have been setting the stage for decades, from the PP65 to the KEO series, offered in carbon with their blade leaf-spring technology. Today Look is best known for making road pedals with a three-bolt system, tension adjustment, float, and a solid platform. But, the experts recently introduced durable and lightweight options for your gravel and mountain bike.

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