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Most people know Look Cycle because they changed the pedal game with their innovative clipless pedals. Only a year after they introduced pedals, Look sought to change bicycle frames by building them in carbon fiber, enter the KG86. The KG86 immediately won the Tour de France in 1986, not a bad debut. Look developed traditional-looking carbon fiber frames for climbing and aerodynamic frames that embraced their cutting-edge design and were early to embrace integration. 

Models (2023)


Weight (Med)

795 Blade


16.5 lbs

785 Huez


18.2 lbs

765 Optimum


18.7 lbs

These integrated frames included seatposts, stems, and cranks in one piece. Today Look has climbing, aero, endurance, and electric road bikes. The aero bike, the Blade, has nearly full integration, while their other offerings largely eschew it. Look’s builds have become known for their intricate monocoque designs, utilizing hundreds of separate carbon-fiber plies that possess distinctive shapes, each shape maximizing the performance required for the discipline.

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