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Bike Grips & Handlebar Tape - Mountain Bike Grips & Road Bar Tape

Shop MTB grips and road bar tape at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find the best MTB grips from brands like Ergon, PNW, and more. Wrap your road bars with tape from PNW, Wolf Tooth, and more.

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Bike grips and handlebar tape can add comfort, control, and a pop of bling to any bike. It’s easy to overlook touch-points on the bike, having the right feel and support from your grips or bar tape is crucial to avoid fatigue, cramping, and numbness in the hands. They’re an inexpensive upgrade that’s relatively easy to install and come in a variety of materials, thicknesses, and color options. Nothing reinvents an older bike or adds to a new one like new, shiny, clean, and comfortable grips or handlebar tape.

Mountain Bike Grips

The best mountain bike grips will protect and add comfort and stability to your bars. Shifting, braking, and ripping through bouncy technical terrain can cause our hands to move while riding, so a proper set of grips for your bars give your hands more stability and keeps your ride safe. 

For a secure and sure fit, lock-on grips stay firmly attached to your bars while their end caps help avoid damage to your bars. Ergonomic grips are fantastic for keeping your wrist in place for added comfort and decreasing hand numbness on the trail. Choose from different thicknesses and patterns for a comfortable size and feel, letting you get a grip and keep your hands where they should be.

Handlebar Tape

Handlebar tape adds cushion, style, and improved handling to your dropped handlebars. Designed to take punishment from the elements and relentless use, its essential handlebar tape passes the feel and performance test. From synthetics and foams to leather and quark, handlebar tape can create a polished feel and add grip and control to your hands or gloves whether you’re riding smooth, bumpy, or gnarly roads. Choosing the correct tape depends on the texture, color, and how much shock absorption you want. A racer might go thin for a more direct feel with the road, while a leisurely rider might go thicker for better comfort and added vibration dampening.