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Bike Lights For Sale - Cycling Lights & Accessories

Shop bike lights, including taillights & headlights for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. browse the best bike lights from top brands like Garmin, Blackburn, and more today.

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Whether you're commuting at dawn or dusk, enjoying a casual night ride, or tackling off-road trails under the stars, bike lights are a critical accessory for your safety and visibility. Our collection of bike lights includes some of the best offerings in the market, designed for multiple riding scenarios. Here's a closer look at some of our top picks.

Garmin Varia UT 800

Garmin, a trustworthy name in the world of cycling accessories, offers the Varia UT 800 - a headlight that shines in performance and durability. This robust headlight emits a whopping 800 lumens, making it ideal for city commutes and late-night off-road adventures. Its clever design automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient light and speed, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

Blackburn DayBlazer 125

Keeping you visible from the back, the Blackburn DayBlazer 125 rear light is an absolute must-have. Emitting 125 lumens, it ensures your visibility to motorists and pedestrians alike from a fair distance. Its water-resistant design and rechargeable battery make it a reliable partner for all your cycling escapades. Blackburn understands the importance of safety, and this rear light stands testament to that commitment.

Specialized Flux 250R

Specialized, a brand synonymous with quality cycling gear, brings the Flux 250R. This rear light, emitting a bright 250 lumens, ensures clear and distinct visibility. The Flux 250R offers an excellent balance of power and battery life, providing consistent illumination for up to 14 hours. Its compact design does not compromise its performance, making it a favorite among casual cyclists and professionals.


Explore our collection and find the perfect bike light to match your ride. Whether it's for road, gravel, or mountain biking, we have you covered. With brands like Garmin, Blackburn, and Specialized, you're not just purchasing a bike light; you're investing in safety, quality, and peace of mind. Light up your path and enjoy the ride with the confidence that you're visible and safe.