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PARLEE Bikes & Framesets For Sale - New & Used

Shop new & used Parlee bikes for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse models like the RZ7 on sale for unbeatable prices today. Parlee has been a family owned cycling company for almost 25 years. Now's your chance to experience their world class road bike performance for up to $3000 off.

Talk to an expert Ride Guide today to find the right Parlee bike for you! Swap out your old used bike for a new Parlee bike today with our Sell//Trade program for cash or store credit.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

PARLEE bicycles are premier carbon frames from the Northeast. Think long lifespan that excels on pavement and gravel. If you want your bike to feel stiff, smooth, and responsive, PARLEE is your answer. 

PARLEE Road Bikes 

PARLEE doesn’t sponsor a pro team. You might not know PARLEE road bikes, but they know what a good bike is. They make durable bikes their customers love. 

PARLEE Triathlon Bikes 

Of course, PARLEE triathlon bikes were honed in the wind tunnel. These bikes are fast; they’re also accommodating. It’s easy to adjust position as you get faster. Or older.