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Specialized Bikes, Parts & Apparel For Sale

Shop certified pre-owned used & new Specialized bikes, parts, and apparel for sale. Shop popular products like the Roubaix, Diverge, and S-Works models with TPC - The Pro’s Closet. Find specs, reviews, prices, and more.

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Specialized Bikes

Specialized is not just a brand, it's a storied pillar in the cycling community. It began in 1974 with Mike Sinyard's passion, which translated into importing top-notch cycling components, and from there, it has evolved into a company synonymous with innovation and excellence in the cycling world. Specialized Bicycles emerged as a pioneer, committed to enhancing every cyclist's experience through cutting-edge design and technology.

Specialized has multiple models of mountain, gravel, electric, and road bikes, each tailored to conquer every terrain while meeting the needs of all cycling enthusiasts. From the adrenaline-pumping descent of a single-track to the hairpin turns of an alpine ascent, Specialized offers an array of bicycles for maximum performance.

Check out S-Works models for the pinnacle of lightweight design and top-tier component builds.

What is S-Works?

S-Works started in 1992, named for Specialized’s top-of-the-line bikes and gear. It’s what their sponsored racers typically use. There are S-Works shoes, helmets, tires, and frames. Over time, S-Works innovations become incorporated into everyday products to make them lighter, stronger, stiffer, and more aero.

Specialized Mountain Bikes

For those who crave mountain trails, Specialized delivers a dynamic range, including:

  • Specialized Epic: The go-to XC race machine, known for its uber-light frame and efficient suspension system.
  • Specialized Stumpjumper Series: Whether you opt for the S-Works Stumpjumper, with its remarkable balance between climbing dexterity and downhill prowess, or the Stumpjumper Evo, conceptualized for the trail warrior demanding progressive geometry and enhanced control – you’re guaranteed a trail experience like no other.
  • Specialized Enduro: Grasp the gravity-defying prowess to handle the most aggressive trails with a full 170mm of travel front and rear.
  • Specialized Demo: Engineered for descent domination, this bike is the choice for those relentless in their pursuit of extreme downhill performance.
  • Specialized Fatboy: Redefine your riding boundaries—snow, sand, or any rugged terrain—with this oversized innovation in tire technology.

With Specialized bikes tailored to various mountain biking disciplines, optimizing the bike to track synergy is an exhilarating reality.

Specialized Road Bikes

Conquer the road with Specialized's refined selection of road warriors:

  • Specialized Tarmac: A classic, geared for those looking to amplify their efficiency and speed on tarmac.
  • Specialized Venge: Aerodynamically sculpted to cut through the wind for those prioritizing speed above all else.
  • Specialized Aethos: Revel in the pinnacle of lightweight engineering combined with stiffness and responsive handling that defies the scale.
  • Specialized Allez: Value meets performance; the Allez provides an aluminum option without discounting the need for speed and agility.

From forgiving endurance-centric rides to the sheer need for speed, Specialized caters to every cycling aspiration.

Explore our comprehensive inventory of road, mountain, gravel, and electric models to discover why Specialized bikes are renowned for elevating every ride. Visit our brand page and experience the Specialized advantage — where every pedal stroke propels you beyond the ordinary.

Discover Specialized Bikes – Where innovation meets the road and trail.Specialized Electric Bikes

Since they started becoming popular options, the company quickly went deep on e-bikes. Specialized’s electric bike line, all receive the Turbo moniker, currently includes 59 models. Encompassing commuting with the Turbo Como, touring with the Turbo Vado, road riding with the Turbo Creo, cross-country with the Turbo Tero, trail with the Turbo Levo, and enduro models (the Turbo Kenevo), with several motors and control brains, there is a bike and level of boost for just about everyone. Specialized designed the motors, batteries, controllers, and frames; they had a vision for creating everything to best make that vision become reality.  


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