Specialized Mountain Bikes


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Specialized Mountain Bikes

Specialized bikes sell out, always, and no one’s surprised. If you want a top model for any discipline, look no further than Specialized and you’re in the right place. 

The Specialized Stumpjumper and Stumpjumper Evo lead the Specialized MTB lineup. The first production mountain bike is still on top of the game as a modern shredder. The Stumpjumper has been in production for almost forty years, and updated models are versatile trail bikes with great handling. The Stumpjumper pioneered full suspension with FSR full suspension in the 90s, and the system still makes for one of the best trail bikes around. See our staff's take on how the Stumpjumper stacks to the Santa Cruz Hightower

Specialized Stumpjumper

When you think Specialized mountain bikes, you think Stumpjumper. Specialized had a strong start with the first Stumpjumper and the road bikes that accompanied it, but that’s not enough to win a race. Specialized has stayed at the forefront of tech with innovations like carbon frames and the FSR suspension platform that’s still used on every Specialized mountain bike today. 

The Stumpjumper’s bigger sibling is the Specialized Stumpjumper Evo, with slacker geometry and more travel for gnarlier trails and bigger sends. The Stumpjumper Evo was built so you can ride your way. As more brands produce wildly different trail bikes, the Evo brings out the wild side of the Stumpjumper for more adventurous riders. 

Specialized Enduro 

It’s hard to balance lots of suspension with pedaling efficiency, but the Specialized Enduro brings both to the table with a side of great handling. 170mm of suspension lets you charge anything from drops to rock gardens without slowing, and the intuitive handling makes it feel like a breeze. Well, maybe a gale force wind if you’re really charging. 

The Enduro was built to take the versatility of the Stumpjumper and combine it with the hard-charging downhill attitude of the Specialized Demo race bike. The result is a bike that expands your boundaries and pushes you to send no matter what trail you’re on. 

Specialized FSR Suspension 

FSR suspension is key to the flagship Stumpjumper, but the maybe best application of the team’s suspension is the Brain shock system on the Specialized Epic. The Epic is a cross country bike built to be the fastest in the pack. The Brain shock system allows the shock to conform to every bump, then close up when the trail is smooth to deliver max efficiency. It reacts faster than a human ever could and has delivered plenty of podiums to XC greats over the years. Specialized suspension has proven itself over decades of MTB racing in every discipline from downhill to CX.

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