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Specialized Epic Bikes For Sale

Shop new & used Specialized Epic bikes at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, prices, and size charts on various models (Evo, Pro, Hardtail) and popular years (2019, 2020, etc). Read our Specialized Epic Evo Pro Quick-Take Review below.  Browse our complete selection of Specialized bikes.

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The Specialized Epic continues to be one of the most popular and victorious XC race bikes ever. A lightweight build, incredibly efficient pedaling, and innovative technology create a bike that’s seen over 100 World Cup Wins. Current models have 29er wheels, 100mm travel, and use the Specialized Brain damper system in the shock, automatically switching from plush to active depending on terrain. 

S-Works Epic - Weight, Specs, Price

2021 S-Works Epic (S3)




Wheel Size


24.6 lbs

100mm F/R


The S-Works Epic is designed to be a light, agile, and fast XC racer. This full-carbon race bike currently comes with 29er wheels, 100mm of travel, and an AXS groupset as the highest-end model in the Epic lineup. Not only is speed the priority on this bike, but comfort, agility, and performance take no backseat. For serious racers who love to go fast but still want a capable XC bike for varying terrain, the S-Works Epic delivers.

What is the difference between Stumpjumper and Epic?

In short, the Stumpjumper is a trail bike and the Epic is an XC bike. The Stumpjumper is more plush and faster downhill (150mm rear travel), making it ready for rough trails, while the Epic is faster uphill and on flat terrain, making it ideal for XC rides and mellow trails (100mm rear travel).

What kind of bike is Specialized Epic?

The Specialized Epic is designed from ground-up as an XC bike, its built for speed with a lightweight frame (especially on the carbon variants), the brand’s World Cup-bred XC technology, and optimal 100mm of travel.

Specialized Epic 3rd-Party Reviews

November 2019


Specialized S-Works Epic HT AXS: first ride review - MBR

"The latest Specialized S-Works Epic HT AXS is their top-flight 

XC bike that cuts weight to the bone but how tough is it on the 


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June 2020


The New Specialized S-Works Epic Is a Capital R Race Bike

"It’s fast, precise, smooth, and extremely efficient."

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Specialized Epic Size Chart

All bikes are technically unisex, ranging from 48cm (fits 4’11” to 5’2”) to 60cm (fits 6’3” to 6’5”). Depending on the model variant, the Epic's fit range is between 5'2" and 6'4". Check our road bike sizing guide to take accurate measurements based on your height, pick the right size, find the right saddle height, and geek out on frame geometry. 

Size Chart

Measured Frame SizeFrame SizeMin Rider HeightMax Rider Height
13 inXS4' 10"5' 2"
15 inSmall5' 2"5' 6"
17 inMedium5' 6"5' 10"
19 inLarge5' 10"6' 2"
21 inXL6' 2"6' 5"
Measured Frame SizeFrame SizeMin Rider HeightMax Rider Height

2022 Specialized Epic Evo Review - A TPC Rider's Quick Take

The places you'll go with a bike that promises no bounds. That's the goal of the 2023 Specialized Epic Evo, a machine that pledges allegiance to no particular category of mountain biking. It's not just a cross-country bike nor a trail bike, but a mishmash of both more recently labeled as "downcountry." 


  • Balanced agility and stability: Specialized has done a remarkable job with the geometry. The Evo is playful and responsive when navigating through tight singletrack yet stable and composed when thundering down technical descents.
  • Weight and suspension: A lightweight frame, at around 11 kg without pedals, coupled with a sophisticated suspension design, makes climbing less of a chore and descending a delight. It's plush when you need it and firm when you don't, without the need for levers or buttons.
  • Versatility: With features suited for both XC and trail, it's like having two bikes in one. You can line up at the start of a race on Saturday and shred the local trails on Sunday.
  • Attention to detail: SWAT storage in the downtube, a chain tool in the top cap, and a threaded bottom bracket are thoughtful touches that riders will appreciate.


  • Pricey proposition: Quality doesn't come cheap, and the Epic Evo is no exception. The high-end models might be a stretch for those without a pro's budget.
  • Aesthetics not for everyone: While the clean lines and minimalist branding can be a plus for some, others might find the bike's overall look a bit underwhelming, especially at this price point.

Bottom Line:

The 2022 Specialized Epic Evo is a masterclass in balance and versatility. It's adept at blurring the lines between XC speed and trail bike confidence. While the price tag might induce a wince, the performance and versatility could justify the investment for riders looking to consolidate their quiver into one do-it-all machine. However, if you're on the fence, consider your priorities and perhaps test-ride one, if possible.

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