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ENVE Wheels & Wheelsets For Sale - Used & New

Shop certified new and used ENVE MTB, road, and gravel bike wheels for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, prices, and more. Browse popular models such as the SES 3.4, Foundation 45, M50, and more.


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Since 2007, ENVE has been crafting the world’s best carbon fiber wheels, designed to outperform on any terrain. From mountain biking to racing triathlons, ENVE's award-winning lineup of wheels has something for everyone. The Pro's Closet is an official ENVE distributor, and all their new products come with a lifetime warranty.

The M5 is perfect for aggressive trail riders who want the most out of their bike in every situation. Lightweight and durable, this wheelset features a 25mm width profile and can handle hard cornering and rocky descents without compromising performance. 
The M6 is another great option for trail riders looking for speed over technical terrain, as it offers increased stiffness with its 30-40mm width profile. Perfect for enduro racing and those who like to take the lines less traveled.

If you're looking to climb faster and descend quicker than ever before, the M7 should be your go-to choice; weighing only 1,850g per pair, they provide unbeatable acceleration on even the steepest grades thanks to their 30 or 35mm internal rim width, which allows for wider tires to obtain all the traction possible when rolling over loose or wet terrain.

For gravel racers or those taking on backcountry adventures, check out the Foundation 45 wheelsets, offering unmatched versatility paired with lightweight and reliable. These wheels have a 23mm internal rim profile that can easily handle the rigors of gravel roads while still offering low rolling resistance on tarmac for those long-distance adventures.

Looking to go fast in a race or a long endurance ride? The SES 3.4 is your ideal pick; designed to slash through the wind with its 39/43mm rim depth and 32mm external width, it's undoubtedly one of ENVE's fastest road wheelsets and comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

ENVE wheels are masterpieces of engineering that will provide unbeatable performance and reliability no matter what terrain you take on. Get yours from The Pro's Closet today.

What makes ENVE wheels so good?

ENVE was one of the first companies to specialize in high-end carbon fiber wheels made in the US. Their wheels employ proprietary manufacturing techniques that enhance the performance characteristics of the carbon fiber, further increasing their value and durability. All their wheels are made in the US, which is an increasing rarity in the industry. Performance-wise, ENVE wheels offer an excellent balance between stiffness and compliance, efficiently transferring power while absorbing vibrations. 


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