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Roval Wheels & Components For Sale

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Roval wheels have made wheels better for a long time. Decades ago, the company started by supplying components to the pro pelotons of France. Roval Components has since evolved into a cutting-edge global leader. 

Roval Wheels 

Roval wheels are tested and loved by pros and enthusiasts alike. Roval carbon wheels make some of the stiffest, toughest, and most affordable wheels. Upgrade your ride with Roval.


Roval Rapide CLX Carbon Wheelset - Specs, Weight, Features

The Roval Rapide CLX wheelset is made for speed, plain and simple. Cut through the air with its deep rims and rocket to the top of any climb with its ultra-light carbon fiber construction. Designed to compliment all riding styles, the Rapide CLX wheels are designed to take you anywhere and handle anything. 

Rapide CLX Carbon Wheelset


Rim Depth

Rim Inner Width

Axle Spacing


Front: 51mm

Rear: 60mm


Front: 12x100
Rear 12x142

Two cyclists riding gravel bikes