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Felt Bikes & Framesets For Sale - New & Used

Shop certified used & new Felt bikes and frames, including the Felt FR and FX with TPC - The Pro’s Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info and prices on Felt Road and TT bikes.

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Felt bikes are on a mission to design the finest and fastest performance drop-bar and triathlon bikes on the market, and they’re doing a damn good job of it! With multiple wins at Grand Tours, Olympics, and World Championships, they prove themselves repeatedly. Felt also creates innovative aerodynamic designs, raises the bar in mountain bike suspension, and has a committed mission to elevate your riding experience.

Felt Road Bikes

Felt road bikes are backed by gold medals, including wind tunnel technology and super smarty pants engineering for optimal aerodynamics. From Aero to race, endurance, and gravel, Felt has a tried and tested lineup for every discipline of drop-bar and aero ride, and boy, oh boy, are they fast. 

Felt FR1


The Felt FR1 embodies the race spirit, plus it’s incredibly lightweight, stiff, and provides quick and intuitive handling. A carbon frame, fork, and wheels make this ride stiff and responsive, giving the FR1 the performance and exceptional ride quality you’d expect from Felt. For a fast, race-ready road bike that triumphs on climbs while still intuitively and skillfully navigating long distances, the FR1 is the complete package. 

Felt IA

The Felt IA is a competition-ready triathlon bike equipped with outstanding aerodynamics, superior handling, and 30 years of relentless design and development. Using a carbon frame, fork, and groupset offerings from Shimano Dura-Ace to SRAM Red eTap, you can put total trust in this bike come race day. And if that’s not enough for you, the IA has won the Kona World Championship six times. Yep, she’s fast.


Felt Mountain Bikes

Felt mountain bikes have a strong focus on speed and racing, no surprise coming from a company whose bikes have won numerous races. You won’t find enduro bikes in their lineup, but you will find light, stiff, and lethally fast hardtails and full-suspension bikes. Felt has designed mountain bikes throughout the years, but in 2021 decided to step back and focus on its core lineup of drop-bar and tri bikes. 


Felt Edict

The Felt Edict is the perfect match for anyone who has a need for speed on the trail. This full-suspension XC mountain bike comes with a lightweight and stiff frame for excellent handling with a plush yet tenacious suspension design that’s easy to set and forget.


Felt Decree

The Felt Decree takes trail riding to new heights with 27.5 wheels and 140mm of travel. A stiff, lightweight frame with stable and responsive pedaling gives you the feel of an efficient 29er, while the 27.5 wheel size keeps things playful for a supreme trail bike experience.

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