Felt Gravel Bikes


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Felt Gravel Bikes

Felt gravel bikes are versatile and up for any adventure, from touring smooth roads to exploring rough gravel and winning your next cyclocross race. The Felt Breed is designed for straight-up speed, while the Broam favors weekend bikepacking trips and touring. The FX is perfect if you're looking for a rigorous, purpose-built cyclocross bike.

Felt Breed


Built to take you to never before seen places, the Felt Breed is made to inspire the adventurer in all of us. Able to run either 2.1 tires on 650b wheels or 45c tires on 700c wheels, the Breed is as versatile as it is durable. With plenty of storage and mounting options, the Felt Breed is the ultimate travel companion wherever the road may take you. 

Felt F1X


The Felt F1X is a full-blooded cyclocross machine that delivers immediate and predictable handling with minimal effort while negotiating tight and challenging courses. A stiff yet responsive carbon frame soaks up the chatter without bouncing around and beating you up, and a lightweight and agile design provides a more forgiving feel and ride.  

Felt FX


The Felt FX is a purpose-built cyclocross bike that has a need for speed. Lightweight, stiff, and forgiving in the right places, agile, and quick, the FX has delivered multiple world championship wins and is a bike that will get you to the top of the podium.


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