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Cervélo's mission is clear: design bikes for speed and performance. Shop CPO used/pre-owned & new Cervélo road, triathlon, mountain bikes and framesets. Experience how their singular focus helps Cervélo continue to raise the bar.

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Cervélo wrote the book on bicycle aerodynamics and continues to set the stage for performance-based road bikes. Riders who embrace speed will appreciate Cervélo's superior engineering with their astonishingly aerodynamic, stiff, and lightweight bikes.

Starting in 1995, the Canadian brand designed its first bike with the mission of making the fastest time trial bike on the market, and they did. Since then, each bike, from road gravel to time trial and triathlon, always starts with speed as the number one priority. 

You'll find yourself riding a darn fast bike that handles exquisitely with more aggressive geometry, carbon-only frames, and top-of-the-line component packages. A Cervélo bike should be on the top of your list if you’re ready to win triathlons, Ironman, WorldTours, or punch out an easy 20-mile ride after work. 

Cervélo Road Bikes

Cervélo road bikes are made for the passionate road rider who can’t hang the bike up for more than a day. The Cervélo R5 and S5 are designed for maximum speed and offer a lightweight ride that never sacrifices stiffness and performance. While the R5 is super light and loves to climb, the S5 is more aerodynamic. 

2023 Road Bike Models






The Cervélo Caledonia offers more comfort and reaches a broader range of riders. Still built around speed, the Caledonia handles well on variable and chatty terrain with more comfortable and stable handling for endurance riding. Whether you’re looking to get crazy fast and take home first place or punch out some miles on Sunday morning, Cervélo road bikes aim to get you further, faster. 

Cervélo Gravel Bikes

Cervélo gravel bikes explore gravel hard and fast using a speed platform and aero performance. If you’re looking to compete and take home first place at your local cyclocross race or win big at the Griduro series, then look no further. 

2023 Gravel Bike Models



The Cervélo Aspero makes no apologies for its addiction to speed. Offered in 700c or 650b wheels, aggressive geometry and stiff, quick handling make this perfect for off-road adventurers looking for a light and fast gravel ride. 

Cervélo Triathlon Bikes

Cervélo Triathlon bikes take it back to where it started, designing the lightest and most efficient tri bikes. Award-winning, podium placing with renowned design and engineering equal intelligent speed machines for World Tour racing and TT events. With relentless R&D testing by pro athletes, you can count on superior aero performance and handling. 

2023 TT Bike Models



The Cervélo P5 is their top-end UCI-legal TT bike, featuring a “Speed Riser” that allows riders to fine-tune their position to reduce drag and amplify efficiency. The P-Series offers more comfort and value but is still bread for speed. 

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