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Cervélo R5 For Sale

Shop new & used bikes Cervélo R5 bikes & framesets for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, and prices on various models (R5 Disc) and popular years (2018, 2019, etc). Read our Cervélo R5 Quick-Take Review below.

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The Cervélo R5 is the perfect race machine for riders who need speed and power in equal measure. With one of the lightest and stiffest frames on the market, this bike remains stable and rigid as you accelerate off the line or head up a steep incline. The R5 frame has an impressive 16% weight reduction from its predecessor, making it 130g lighter so that even long rides don't require too much effort. 

Cervélo R5 - Weight, Specs, Price

2023 R5 Disc eTap AXS (56cm)


Wheel Size





SRAM Red eTap AXS (2x12)

16.3 lbs

The cables are now internally routed to reduce drag for better performance on the open road. Plus, the SRAM Red and Force builds feature Quarq Zero power meters integrated into the crank for precise readings of your output. Get ready to crush PRs and KOMs thanks to this all-in-one race machine, the new 2023 Cervélo R5!

Is Cervélo R5 good for climbing?

Although it’s not a only a dedicated climbing bike, the R5 has a reputation as an excellent climber. It’s comfortable (as far as race bikes go), stiff, handles well, and is lightweight (as low as 16 lbs). Geometry and fit hit the sweet spot for most riders and aid its climbing prowess.

How heavy is the Cervélo R5?

A Cervelo R5 frame is about 700g for a 56cm size. Altogether, R5’s range between 15 to 16 lbs, depending on size and build.

2023 Cervélo R5 Review - A TPC Rider's Quick Take

The Cervelo R5 is a road bike that’s already proven itself on the global stage with victories in the WorldTour, including the Tour de France. It’s a high-performance, lightweight climbing bike that has been refined over the years with feedback from professional riders, leading to improvements in comfort and ride quality, and weight reduction​.


  • Balanced Handling: The R5’s geometry is designed to provide supremely balanced handling, which shines in every situation — uphill, downhill, and on the flats​​.
  • Lightweight: The latest R5 frame is 130g lighter than the previous model, weighing 703g in a size 56cm​​.
  • Comfort: The frame is engineered for a comfortable ride, with a carbon layup that provides more vertical compliance without sacrificing handling or efficiency.
  • Pedaling Efficiency: The R5 is designed to maximize power transfer, making it an excellent choice for climbing and accelerating​​.
  • Aerodynamics: Although aerodynamics are not it's not primary focus, the R5 has reduced drag by 25g over the previous version.


  • Price: The R5 is a top-of-the-line model so it comes with a significant price tag, making it a substantial investment​.
  • Adjustability: Brake hoses are internally routed through the handlebar and stem, making stem and handlebar swaps a bit more complicated.
  • Electronic Groupset Only: The latest R5 is only compatible with electronic groupsets, which might be a downside for some riders who prefer mechanical groupsets​.

Bottom Line:

The Cervelo R5 is an impressive road bike that excels in most areas. It's lightweight, comfortable, and has superb handling, making it perfect for competitive racing or just enjoying a high-paced ride. While it comes with a high price tag, its performance and features make it a worthwhile investment for serious cyclists.

TPC Rider’s Take: “This is the bike that Jumbo-Visma and relies on to smash mountain stages. That’s a pretty good endorsement. Jonas Vingegaard has won mountain stages and the Tour de France on the R5, and it has always been a favorite for competitive road racers looking to dominate the climbs.”

Is the Cervélo R5 a good climbing bike?

Yep, in fact the Cervelo R5 is considered an exceptional climbing bike. A few key features make it well-suited for climbs:

  • Lightweight: The R5 frame is notably light, which is a significant advantage when climbing. The lighter the bike, the less weight you have to carry uphill.
  • Stiffness: Cervelo has ensured that the R5 maintains excellent lateral stiffness and pedaling efficiency. This means that more of your power goes directly into propelling the bike.
  • Aerodynamics: Although aerodynamics are not it's not primary focus, the R5 has reduced drag by 25g over the previous version.
  • Balanced Handling: Good climbers need to descend well too. The R5 is known for its balanced handling, which excels on winding or technical descents, where precise control is needed.
  • Professional Validation: The R5 has been ridden to victories in major climbing stages, including in the Tour de France. This real-world performance in the professional peloton provides battle-tested evidence of its climbing capabilities​.

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