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Kona Bikes - Gravel, Electric & Mountain Bikes For Sale

Shop new and used Kona bikes for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse popular models like the Kona Process, Libre, and more. 

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Since 1988 Kona has been designing and building high-quality bikes ready to rip from the box. Kona's core values emphasize the freedom and empowerment bikes give us, with the same founders still leading the way by building bikes made for all levels of riders. 

Whether you are new to the sport or looking for that n+1 bike, Kona has a model to match all riding types. Race the clock on your favorite enduro track or grind out lengthy miles on gravel, all Kona bikes are packed with premium performance with a history of pro athletes who helped to develop them. 

Kona Mountain Bikes

From the award-winning Process line of bikes to the lightweight Hei Hei XC whip, Kona mountain bikes are designed to deliver ear-to-ear grins and PR smashing times. Whether it's a hardtail mountain bike such as the Honzo or an all-out enduro machine like the Process 153, Kona has a bike that will make the perfect addition to your quiver.

Kona Process

The Kona Process covers the complete trail and enduro range with models ranging from 134mm of travel to 153mm with the Process 153. Available in 27.5” and 29” versions, the Process 134 and 154 also come in aluminum or carbon frame options to fit all preferences and price points.  

Kona Honzo

A hardtail mountain bike done right. The Kona Honzo has been in Kona’s lineup for a while, and for a good reason. Destroy berms and steep techy trails with the ultra slack and aggressive Honzo ESD, or ride the local loops with the Honzo DL. The Kona Honzo comes in a variety of flavors to accompany all riding styles.  

Kona Hei Hei

Race against the competition on Sunday or tackle epic trails with the crew, the Hei Hei loves it all. With the Kona Hei Hei CR/DL the build kit is optimized for XC racing, whereas the regular Hei Hei has a 120mm fork for trail riding and more technical terrain.

Kona Gravel Bikes

Kona drop bar and gravel bikes are perfect for the daily commute or long adventures on unpaved roads. For epic gravel rides with lengthy climbs and loose corners, the Kona Libre is the ideal companion. If casual rides venturing off the asphalt are more your preference, check out the Kona Rove.

Kona Sutra

The Sutra and Sutra SE are ideal commuter bikes with plenty of mounting options for bags, racks, and whatever else you may attach to your bike. The Sutra LTD is the perfect blend of a gravel and rigid mountain bike, designed to handle anything from gravel roads to techy singletrack. All Sutra bikes are built for carrying your belongings, making the Sutra line of bikes perfect for adventure or commuting rides. 

Kona Jake

The Jake is your next CX race bike or high-performance commuter. With a crazy light aluminum frame and disc brakes, destroy the competition or your commuting KOMs with the Kona Jake. 

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