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Orbea comes from a proud and innovative history. They continue to create high-end road, mountain, and gravel bikes. These bikes are built to take home gold medals and are downright epic to ride.

Over 100 years ago in Spain, Orbea made their first bike. Today the employee-owned bike manufacturer carries on by pioneering new technologies and has a product range for every riding discipline. Whether you prefer carbon or alloy frames, Orbea makes bikes across all price ranges ensuring there is a ride for all.

From pedaling high in the Basque country aboard the Orbea Terra, to conquering technical singletrack on the Rallon, passion, plus over 100 years of adaptation ensures an unparalleled product and ride. 

Where Are Orbea Bikes Made?

Orbea makes assembles their bikes in the heart of Northern Spain where the company was first created. Some frames and models are also made in Portugal and China.

What is Orbea's ‘special sauce’ when it comes to their bikes and their longevity as a brand?

Orbea transitioned to an employee-owned cooperative in 1969 due to financial difficulties in Spain. This unique business model allows all employees, from assembly line workers to those packaging products, to become stakeholders, fostering a highly motivated workforce dedicated to the company's success. Unlike other major bike brands, Orbea operates under the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, granting it access to exclusive resources like a wind tunnel at Mondragon University, and benefiting from robust engineering support, as well as extensive global distribution and production networks. This structure not only differentiates Orbea in competitive cycling but also enhances its operational capabilities.

Orbea Mountain Bikes

Orbea mountain bikes come with a complete lineup from XC to Enduro that gives rise to World Cup Championships to the shredder in all of us. With their advanced technology and carbon or aluminum frame options, you’ll have no trouble finding your ideal trail-worthy bike. 

Orbea Occam

The Orbea Occam is seriously capable of charging uphill, rapidly descending, plowing through technical terrain, and isn’t afraid to do it again and again.

This 140mm 29er will bring out the trail devotee in you on every ride. Versatile and stable with a mix of XC handling and endurance, while plush suspension and geometry negotiate quick descending. 

Orbea Rallon

The Orbea Rallon hails as one of the most popular enduro mountain bikes today. Its boundless energy and neutral geometry rally through technical terrain and steep descents while its stable suspension platform holds its own when climbing.

If you’re after a playful quiver-killer bike, this extremely capable 160mm 29er gels with virtually any trail, from big enduro races to your local singletrack.

Orbea Road Bikes

Orbea road bikes encompass a full array of aero, endurance, and gravel discipline. Each one is ready to pursue your dreams of standing on the podium or the simple pleasure of pedaling. Orbea's rich heritage of racing history spills over today as they continue to create race-ready road bikes. Orbea road bikes feature superb compliance and stiff, light frames for the leisurely rider to competitive racer.

Orbea Orca

The Orbea Orca takes your dreams of racing victories to reality. Light, remarkably fast, aero, and composed handling makes the Orca a go-to in the pro racing crowd and Strava hounds alike. Choose from various groupsets and a stiff and light carbon frame to get you to the finish line in a flash.

Orbea Gain

The Orbea Gain is an e-bike, but you wouldn’t know it at first glance, and that’s how Orbea wants it. With everything housed internally for a seamless look and feel, you can focus on the road ahead distraction-free. The lightweight and beautifully handling Gain comes with an Ebikemotion X35 motor that reaches 20mph assisted speed and a 36V/6.9VA battery for long-range distances that are a pure delight to ride.

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One of the oldest brands in cycling, Orbea has been building bikes in Mallabia, Spain for over 100 years, and it’s been racing them for nearly as long. It’s no stranger to the top of the podium in pro races. Orbea bikes have won everything from Tour de France stages to Ironman World Championships to Olympic gold, and it’s that success that has helped it refine its bikes into world beating machines. Read the full article here.

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As a devout analog cyclist, I was skeptical that the lightweight E-bike category would alter my perspective. After many months behind the bars of the Orbea Rise H15, I’m an emphatic convert on a crusade to spread the word of pedal assist. Read the full article here.

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Specs Comparison of Popular Orbea Models

Table - Specs Comparison
ModelTerra H30Orca M30Orca M35iOrca M31ETEAMOrbea Occam SL H20Occam SL M10
Frame MaterialAluminumCarbon FiberCarbon FiberCarbon FiberCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
DrivetrainShimano, 2x12 spdShimano, 2x12 spdShimano, 2x12 spdSRAM, 2x12 spdSRAM, 1x12 spdShimano, 1x12 spd
Weight24 lbs 4 oz20 lbs 10 oz18 lbs 0 oz18 lbs 3 oz34 lbs 6 oz28 lbs 10 oz

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