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Orbea Occam M30 LT

Shop new & used Orbea Occam M30 LT bikes at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, and prices on various models and popular years (2021, 2022, etc). Read our Orbea Occam M30 Quick-Take Review below.

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2023 Orbea Occam M30 LT Review - A TPC Quick-Take

The Orbea Occam M30 LT is one of our favorite high-performance mountain bikes, garnering attention for its design and capabilities. 


  • Suspension and travel: the Occam M30 LT (long travel) features more suspension travel, enhancing its performance in challenging terrain​​. It includes a FOX 36 150mm fork and a FOX FLOAT X rear shock, providing balanced suspension for both front and rear​​.
  • Efficient climbing: the steep seat tube angle results in an upright and compact pedaling position, making it efficient for climbing. It maintains traction and control even on steep inclines​​​​.
  • Agile and intuitive handling: the Occam M30 LT is known for its intuitive handling, making it easy to control and navigate tight corners and tricky trail sections​​​​.
  • Customization options: for those buying new, Orbea’s MyO configurator allows for extensive customization, including suspension, brakes, tires, color schemes, and decals​​​​.
  • Robust and lightweight build: the M30 features a full carbon frame that is both robust and lightweight, contributing to its overall performance and durability​​.
  • Practical features: the bike includes clever features like integrated mini-tool storage and well-routed internal cables, enhancing practicality and maintenance ease​​.


  • Long seat tube: the long seat tube can restrict the freedom of movement and limit size options, especially on tight trails​​.
  • Braking performance: the smaller rear rotor may not be adequate for the bike’s potential, leading to overheating and less defined braking on long descents​​.

Bottom Line

The Orbea Occam M30 LT is a versatile and high-performing mountain bike, suitable for fun park laps and long rides. It offers a balance of agility, control, and climbing efficiency. Overall, the M30 LT is a strong choice for riders looking for a reliable and agile trail bike, especially for those who put stock into customization and practical features.