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Bike Racks For Sale

Shop bike racks for cars and home storage, including hitch & trunk racks at TPC - The Pro's Closet.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

There are three main categories of bike racks. First, some racks attach to the car, such as on the rear hitch or directly to the trunk. Next are the kind that holds the bike so you can work on it, such as those found in bike shops or garages. And finally, the kind that helps you store bikes, whether on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. Lucky for you, The Pro’s Closet has all three kinds! 


At home, it’s easy to lean bikes against walls, but there’s only so much wall space. Wall and ceiling storage not only looks and feels clean but is purposeful and can save space. A work stand immobilizes a bike off the floor, so you can service it safely, letting the wheels spin and giving you access to all areas of the bike. Car racks mean you don’t have to sacrifice interior cargo space when transporting your bikes to rides and races. Modern car racks also mitigate the need to remove any wheels, so you are ready to ride once you arrive. 

Saris Bike Racks


Car racks can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the sport. The ones that do a great job stand out, but the price can feel gobsmackingly high. Trunk and hatch racks are how many get their start in bike transport. The price is easier to digest, they don’t need special attachments, and when they’re not on the car, they’re easy to hide. Hitch racks may climb in price, but their user-friendly interfaces and good looks make the purchase justifiable. 


Saris has been making trunk racks for decades. Their Bones series are smartly adjustable racks that fit on trunks and hatches and are designed to carry one (Solo), two (Bones 2-Bike), or three (Bones 3-Bike) bikes. The Bones racks can be set up fast, fold up small, and can be stowed in a trunk or closet. Saris has also expanded into hitch-mounted racks that carry one to four bikes with their MHS series. 


Küat Bike Racks


Küat is known for their hitch racks. The NV 2.0 is designed to be best in class: moving, practical art. The Sherpa 2.0 is the climber edition; light and nimble. While the Küat helped define hitch mounts, they are sufficiently restless and design-oriented. The new Piston Pro X raises the bar with its Kashima-coated stanchions and durable construction, establishing it as the best bike rack available today.


Feedback Sports Bike Racks


When you want to work on your whip, Feedback Sports leads the market with its industrial designs creating strong, light, and practical mounts. Their work stands include models built for hobbyists and pros alike, all set up and break down quickly. The Ultralight is sitting in the popular middle category; it’s strong and light, folds up small and is priced about halfway between the most basic and most deluxe models. Their Velo wall rack storage line can hold bikes off the floor, parallel or perpendicular to the ground. The Velo Wall Rack 2D stores bikes parallel, it is typically for when you have a single bike or just a few. The Velo Hinge is the perpendicular version for when you need to stow what’s starting to become a small fleet. n+1, forever and always.


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