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Salsa Bikes For Sale - Framesets, Mountain & Gravel Bikes

Shop new and used Salsa bikes for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse Salsa mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and fat bikes at TPC today. 

Bikes are meant
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Salsa bikes have adventure written in their DNA, and it flows throughout every inch of their bikes. Designed by a team with a big passion for all things biking, they’ve put decades of experience, expertise, and ideas into making bikes that deliver performance and inspire monumental adventures. Whether you’re racing the Tour Divide, attacking some rowdy singletrack, or floating over snowy trails, you’ll find a ride that delivers fun and adventure with a versatile and exceptional bike. 

How does Salsa’s product hierarchy & lineup work?

All-Road Bikes: A sample of some top models:

  • Journeyer: Salsa's gateway all-road bike, designed for comfort and versatility on any road surface. Available in 700c and 650b wheel sizes.
  • Warroad: Salsa's endurance all-road bike, capable of both on-road and off-pavement riding. Features endurance geometry and compatibility with a wide range of tire sizes.

Gravel/Adventure Bikes

  • Cutthroat: Salsa's ultra-endurance gravel bike, is designed for "extreme terrain" with features like large frame bags and water storage. Now available with a front suspension option.
  • Fargo: Salsa's original "bikepacking rig", updated for 2019 with clearance for up to 29x2.6" tires.
  • Timberjack: Salsa's hardtail mountain bike, available in both 29er and 27.5+ wheel sizes.

Fat Bikes

  • Mukluk: Salsa's most versatile fat bike, designed to excel in a wide range of conditions with up to 5" tires.

Mountain Bikes

  • Timberjack
    • Salsa's "aggressive trail hardtail" mountain bike
    • Available in both 29er and 27.5+ wheel sizes
    • Features progressive trail geometry for capable off-road performance
  • Rangefinder
    • Salsa's "confidence-building trail hardtail" mountain bike
    • Designed to be approachable and easy to ride for a wide range of mountain bikers
  • Rustler
    • Salsa's full-suspension mountain bike, available in both carbon and alloy frames
    • Self-described as a "playful trail bike" with a focus on fun and responsiveness
  • Horsethief
    • Salsa's "one bike for many trails" full-suspension mountain bike
    • This is a bike designed to excel on both local loops and more challenging terrain

Salsa also offers a range of kids' bikes, accessories, and replacement parts to support its diverse lineup of adventure-focused bicycles.

Salsa Mountain Bikes

Salsa mountain bikes are ready to shred from plush full suspension to fast and snappy XC hardtail options, so you can find your grand adventures on the trail. Those looking for an XC endurance ride that goes the distance look no further than the efficient and light Spearfish. Or, if a playful bike you can whip around the trail is your jam, the Rustler checks all the right boxes with a shorter wheelbase, 27.5 wheels, and 130mm travel. Then there’s the Salsa Blackthorn with 140mm travel. This trail-slayer craves rugged downhill, technical climbs, and whatever else you can throw at it

Salsa Gravel Bikes

Salsa gravel bikes have been accomplishing gravel glory for years by designing the best lineup of racing, bikepacking, and touring gravel bikes. Salsa continues to create bikes that meet the demands of comfort, speed, compliance, and confidence over the roughest gravel roads to self-supported weeks in the mountains. The Salsa Cutthroat takes mountain-bike geometry, gravel components, and efficiency to create a well-balanced ride for bikepacking adventures over seriously challenging terrain. The Warbird is designed for gravel racing using years of innovation and experience for a fast and stable ride on rugged gravel roads.

Salsa Road Bikes

Salsa road bikes tackle all roads, from paved to chunky and rough, with exceptional versatility that keeps you exploring all day long. Built for adventure, you can expect a stable, compliant, and comfortable ride, whether racing on pavement or grinding a bit of gravel. The Salsa Warroad is designed for endurance riding on pavement, with comfort being essential but it isn’t afraid to take on gravel when the pavement ends. The Journeyman is an all-road versatile go-getter that clutches any gravel or paved terrain you throw at it. Take your pick of drop bars or flats and 700 or 650b wheels for a personalized ride.

Salsa Fat Bikes

Salsa fat-tire bikes get you outside riding when the trails are covered in powder and the desire for adventure, snow, or shine. The Salsa Beargrease is fast and fun! Grippy 3.8 tires, 27.5 wheels, and a light carbon frame make this the perfect race-ready fat bike that can quickly take on challenging groomed terrain. The Mukluk is a super versatile fat bike with 26” wheels, cargo mounts, and massive tire clearance so you can easily roll all year long in the snow, sand, and soft terrain.

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