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3T Bikes & Framesets For Sale - New & Used

Shop certified pre-owned used & new 3T bikes and components for sale. Shop popular models like the Exploro, Rival, and Strada with TPC - The Pro’s Closet.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

3T Cycling has been building ultralight components for Italian pros since day one. Now it embodies the “Be First” mantra with bikes and parts that bleed speed from road to gravel. 

3T Road Bikes 

Pure speed. 3T road bikes are built around cheating the wind. They’re sleek, minimal, and comfortable. Aero comfort is 3T’s main deal. 

3T Gravel Bikes 

3T brought aero to gravel. Not shapes for 50kph, but for normal human speeds. The aero edge is proof they assume nothing, taking 3T gravel bikes places no one else has. 

3T Components 

While the Merckx bend bars are long gone, serious riders of all stripes love 3T components because they’re light, well-designed, and look good.

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