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3T Strada For Sale

Shop new & used 3T Strada bikes, framesets at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, and prices on various models (Due and Uno) and popular years (2018, 2019, etc). Read our 2023 3T Strada ICR Quick-Take Review below.

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The 3T Strada was designed from the start with two goals in mind; aerodynamics and comfort. The deep, narrow headtube and wrap-around downtube create a fast, aerodynamic profile. The frame allows enough clearance for 30mm tires to provide compliance and absorb shocks from cracks, curbs, cobbles, and potholes. 

3T Strada - Weight, Specs, Price

2023 Strada Rival XPLR (56cm)


Wheel Size





SRAM Rival AXS XPLR (1x12)

17.2 lbs

In addition, wider tires reduce fatigue caused by road buzz. The result is a bike that's both fast and comfortable, perfect for riders who want to push the limits of speed and comfort.

2023 3T Strada ICR Review - A TPC Rider's Quick Take

The 3T Strada is designed to be the "world’s most comfortable aero road bike.” 3T has a racing pedigree going back to the 60’s but it decided to ignore tradition when designing the Strada. The latest Strada ICR is aerodynamically optimized for 32mm tires — considerably wider than most aero road bikes — and boasts a frame design that promises to blend aerodynamics at the front end with comfort at the rear​.


  • Aero-optimization: The Strada ICR features a distinctive, narrow head tube with a bulbous leading edge, designed for aerodynamic optimization​​.
  • More Build Options: The original Strada made waves as a dedicated 1x road bikes. Now, it is designed to effectively work with both 2x and 1x drivetrains.
  • Speed and Comfort Zones: The frame is designed with two distinct zones — a "speed zone" at the front half of the bike featuring a deep yet narrow headtube, a wraparound downtube, and a slender fork for aerodynamics, and a "comfort zone" at the rear with a curved seat tube and wafer-thin seatstays for improved compliance.
  • Threaded Bottom Bracket: The latest Strada ICR uses a threaded bottom bracket, a feature that will be appreciated by home mechanics​.


  • Aesthetics: 3T bikes stand out. Aesthetics are a matter of personal taste. For some, 3T Stradas are beautiful because form follow function. For others, they lack the more traditional styling and features that make a bike conventionally attractive​​.
  • Price: The Strada and the latest Strada ICR are priced fairly high. But used and old-stock Stradas tend to be deeply discounted.

Bottom Line:

The 3T Strada, with its unique design and focus on aerodynamics and comfort, offers an intriguing option for cyclists seeking a road bike with a blend of speed and comfort. While the bike's ‘blocky’ aesthetic may not be to everyone's liking, its innovative features make it a serious contender in the aero road bike market. The higher price point may be a barrier for some, but for those who prioritize the technical innovation and riding comfort, the 3T Strada could prove to be a sound investment.

TPC Rider’s Take: “Italian bikes often stand out from the crowd and the 3T Strada is no exception. It is a bike that makes a statement. 3T is often ahead of the curve, and the combo of aerodynamics, comfort, tire clearance, and drivetrain options mean the Strada is a road bike from the future, available today.”

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