Hybrid/Commuter Bikes

Hybrid/Commuter Bikes

Hybrid means something of mixed origin or composition. The term first applied to bikes with mountain bike gearing, 700c wheels, and flat bars. They are often seen as good commuter whips and urban bikes because of the wheels and bars. There are also e-bike versions, should you need to get to your destination in record time!


Hybrid Bikes


All the major manufacturers have hybrid bikes for sale. The big four—Cannondale, Giant, Specialized, Trek—all have something that meets the hybrid criteria, even if it’s not always called that. Some are designated men’s and some women’s, but the fit coordinates are most important—the best bike is the one that not only ticks off all the boxes but fits best. When hybrids debuted, they came with cantilever brakes, then V-brakes, and now they’re found with rotor discs for extra stopping power. Think light and fast-rolling like a road bike, but with a more upright position and flat bars for a more comfortable riding position. 


Commuter Bikes


Commuter bikes sometimes referred to as urban bikes, are similar to hybrids but sometimes come with features like locks for the wheels, fenders, and racks. E-bikes have made serious inroads into commuting as they typically reduce sweat and increase speed. 


The old-school way of commuter rigs is to custom-build out of an old frame, particularly one that has fallen into disuse because of other upgrades. Set it up with low gears, durable rubber, fenders, wheel locks, and a rack. Your repurposed ride will be a regular reminder of how sweet riding is, no matter the conditions.