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POC Cycling - Helmets, Sunglasses & Apparel

Shop POC apparel, helmets, sunglasses, goggles, and more with TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse gear for road cycling, mountain biking, or for wherever your adventures take you.

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With their contemporary style and the latest Swedish technology, POC helmets, glasses, body armor, and cycling apparel will always help keep you protected and looking good.

With 60 design awards and extensive R&D and testing using in-house labs, POC ensures their high-quality products are designed to perform for all athletes. Simplistic and striking style, streamlined collections, and insanely high standards make it a straightforward decision for the best protection, comfort, and performance. Seriously, it’s a Piece Of Cake.

POC Helmets

POC helmets set the standard for safety and feature-driven models by making helmets for every discipline, from road to MTB and commuter. Safety always comes first by using technologies like MIPS or their own patented SPIN (Shearing Pads INside) technology that uses pads injected with silicone to help resist rotational forces and provide cushion during harsh impacts. 

Superb ventilation, aerodynamics, and lightweight models like the POC Octal and Ventral are a roadie's dream. MTB helmets like the popular Tectal come with more coverage while still staying relatively lightweight and well ventilated. 

Features like secure sunglass storage, high-vis colors, and fit adjustments make their helmets comfortable and easy to wear, no matter the conditions or terrain. Using cutting-edge technology and insanely high safety standards, you can put your trust and noggin into one of the safest and most comfortable helmets on the market. 

POC Sunglasses

POC sunglasses take eye safety and protection to the top level of performance and style. As an industry leader in developing superior protection and safety equipment, POC makes incredibly lightweight, durable, and sharp-looking sunglass with designs that compliment your riding style. Choose from several lens options, from polarized photochromic to their Clarity lenses for enhanced vision. 

Their frames are lightweight, flexible, and come in a medium to large frame size for the best coverage and protection. For seamless comfort, performance, and fit, pair your POC eyewear with a POC helmet!

POC Clothing

POC clothing is exceptionally well throughout and functional with a clean and classic look that's always in style. POC apparel offers head-to-toe options for every type of cycling from road, gravel, commuting, and mountain biking. With POC, you’ll find your choice of shorts, jerseys, pants, jackets, and gloves. POC’s bib shorts breathe easy, stay in place, soak up road vibrations, and offer plenty of supportive comfort for whatever your ride throws at you. 

Road jerseys and jackets are nice and fitted with storage pockets and come in various thicknesses for all conditions and temps. POC mountain bike clothing is designed to move, keep you comfortable, and fit over body armor like knee and elbow pads. Choose from rugged shorts made for easy pedaling and breathable jerseys in various sleeve lengths that wick away moisture while keeping you comfortable and moving on the trail. No matter the road, trail, or destination, the options are endless, and the comfort and performance are unbeatable.

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