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DT Swiss Wheels For Sale

Shop new and used DT Swiss wheels and accessories at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse popular models like the DT Swiss M1900, ARC 1600, and more. Find specs, reviews, comparison charts and prices. 

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DT Swiss Wheels comes from 25 years of diligent engineering, development, and the obsession for perfection. Whether riding in the high mountains or open road, there is a DT Swiss wheelset for every rider, bike, and ambition out there. 


DT Swiss MTB Wheels

DT Swiss MTB wheels are designed to conquer any terrain you throw at them, from technical climbs to steep and gnarly descents. Take your pick from their well-versed and extensive lineup of XC, trail, and downhill wheels. 


DT Swiss M 1900

The DT Swiss M 1900 wheels are super tough and ready to roll. Available in 29 or 27.5 options, this all-mountain setup is stiff, comfortable, insanely dependable, and brings a massive bang for your buck upgrade. 


DT M 1900 Spline Aluminum Wheelset 


Tubeless Compatible

Rim Inner Width

Axle Spacing

1894g (29")






DT Swiss M 1700

DT Swiss M 1700 wheels dig deep, grip, and navigate through every type of terrain. A wider rim holds on and allows you to stay trail aggressive while the Ratchet Freewheel system keeps engagement reliable and quick.


DT Swiss Road Wheels

DT Swiss road wheels bring strength and speed to every road bike. From aero to endurance and gravel, take your pick. DT Swiss makes top-performing wheelsets for the competitor in all of us. 


DT Swiss P 1800

The DT Swiss P 1800 road wheels are versatile and ready to roll on any road bike. The P 1800s are tubeless-ready and boast a great stiffness-to-weight ratio with aero spokes and aluminum rims. Train, compete or tour your city limits; the P 1800s are your do-it-all road wheel at a phenomenal value.


DT P 1800 Spline Carbon 700c Wheelset


Rim Depth

Rim Inner Width

Axle Spacing




Front: 12x100 

Rear: 12x142 


DT Swiss G 1800

The DT Swiss G 1800 gravel wheels combat everything from daily unpaved trails to work to multi-day adventures on rough roads. Perfect for your dream gravel bike build or upgrade with a wheelset that packs in big performance and value. 


DT Swiss Hubs

DT Swiss hubs are the most trusted on the market. Over 25 years of simple yet highly ingenious design running through them, DT Swiss hubs are a thing of beauty and provide top-notch performance and durability. 


DT Swiss 350

The DT Swiss 350 hub is one trusted and loved piece of componentry. Compatible with plenty of bike models, available for mountain and road, and sweet power transfer and light construction make the 350 a go-to hub on any or all of your bikes.


DT Swiss 240

The DT Swiss 240 hubs are lightweight and provide fast full engagement. A no-brainer upgrade for better performance, balance, and durability with superior engagement from the newly introduced Ratchet EXP freehub design.

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DT Swiss Wheels Comparison Chart - R470 vs 1850 vs 1900 vs XM1700 vs ARC1400

*slide right to see all table content (some specs vary by wheel)

 DT Swiss R470DT Swiss 1850DT Swiss 1900DT Swiss XM1700DT Swiss ARC1400
Wheel OrientationWheelsetWheelsetWheelsetWheelsetWheelset
TypeRoad WheelsRoad WheelsMountain WheelsMountain WheelsRoad Wheels
Rim TypeTubelessTubelessTubelessTubelessTubeless
Tubeless CompatibilityYes (rim strips and valve stem not included)Yes (rim strips included, valve stem not included)Yes (rim strips and valve stem included)Yes (rim strips and valve stem included)Yes (rim strips and valve stem not incl)
Front Axle Spacing12x100mm (Thru-Axle)12x100mm12x148mm Boost15x110mm Boost (Thru-Axle)12x100mm (Thru-Axle)
Rear Axle Spacing12x142mm12x142mm30 mm12x157mm Super Boost12x142mm
Rim Inner Width20 mm17.5 mm35 mm30 mm17 mm
Rim Outer Width23.5 mm22 mm20 mm34.5 mm24.5 mm
Rim Depth23 mm22.5 mmShimano21 mm48 mm
Freehub BodyShimanoShimano, 11ShimanoSRAM XD 11/12SRAM XDr 11/12
HubsDT Swiss AlloyDT Swiss SplineDT Swiss 370DT Swiss 350DT Swiss 240s DiCUT
Spoke Count24/2424 / 2424 / 2428 / 2824/24
Brake TypeDisc CenterlockDisc CenterlockDisc 6 BoltDisc CenterlockDisc Centerlock
Valve TypePrestaPrestaPrestaPrestaPresta
SkewersSkewers Not IncludedSkewers Not IncludedSkewer Not IncludedSkewer Not IncludedSkewers Not Included
Intended UseRoadRoadMountainMountainRoad
Weight1800 grams1790 grams1160 grams1860 grams1570 grams

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