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Fizik Accessories - Saddles & Shoes

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Fizik’s goal? To create the world’s best cycling gear. The team makes saddles, shoes, bar tape, and components based on extensive research and real-world testing. 

Fizik Shoes 

Fizik shoes are all about performance. Testing and an absolute refusal to compromise mean these are the best shoes on the market. For 25 years, Fizik cycling shoes have been the go-to for pro teams at the top. 

Fizik Saddles 

Saddles are intensely individual. Fizik saddles are some of the best and lightest, with a range of well-crafted silhouettes. No matter your body shape or riding style, Fizik saddles have something for you. 

Fizik Bar Tape 

Fizik bar tape isn’t about grip. It’s about feel and control. Fizik bar tape makes your bike an extension of your hands. Dip between thicker tape on gravel and thin stuff for delicate feel in racing descents.