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Revel Bikes

Shop new and used Revel bikes today at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse Revel mountain and gravel bikes like the Rail 29 and Rover.
Learn more about the Revel Rover gravel bike and steps Revel is taking to make carbon manufacturing a little better for the environment.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Discover the Pinnacle of Performance Cycling with Revel Bikes. Crafted by riders, for riders, Revel embodies the spirit of their Carbondale, CO roots—a hub for outdoor enthusiasts where adventure echoes through the Rockies. Dive into the meticulously engineered world of Revel Bikes, where every pedal and path takes you closer to cycling perfection.


Experience Revel Bikes: Engineering Marvels Born in the Rockies

For those who demand nothing but the best, Revel Bikes magnifies your passion with unrivaled features:

  • Innovative Design – The culmination of years spent mastering the craft of bike building, Revel Bikes encapsulates unmatched innovation with models like the trail-blazing Rail29.
  • Unbeatable Performance – Revel in the seamless synergy of a CBF™ suspension platform and 29” wheels on the Rail29, delivering 155mm of travel, transforming descents into exhilarating experiences.


  • Gravel Perfection – Meet the Rover, the titan of titanium and carbon fiber mastery, designed for the gravel aficionado seeking tire and chainring clearance excellence coupled with effortless setup.
  • Carbon Fiber Expertise – Benefit from Revel's legacy in carbon fiber construction, ensuring a frame with the perfect balance of stiffness and dampening for marathon rides.
  • Adventure-Ready Versatility – With the Rover, amplify your rides with the SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger and multiple bottle mounts, setting you up for gravel races and cross-country explorations.

Whether you're an enduro racer poised to dominate the tracks or a gravel enthusiast eager to venture into uncharted terrain, Revel Bikes offers a tailored experience with a meticulous focus on sustainability, community, and performance.

Soar to new peaks with Revel Bikes and blaze your trail with extraordinary precision. Explore our collection and feel the spirit of the mountains imbue every journey with heightened performance and enjoyment.

Elevate your ride with the trusted choice of mountain bikers, gravel enthusiasts, and adventure seekers around the globe.