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Cycling Kits, Apparel - Road & Mountain Bike Apparel

Shop cycling clothes and accessories from TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse road and mountain bike clothes from top brands like Giro, Mavic, TLD, Fox Racing, and more.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Shop all apparel for the perfect fit, style, and performance on your ride. Whether you’re a weekend mountain bike warrior conquering dirt, a daily commuter, or a road fanatic, wearing the right essentials keeps you protected, comfortable, and much happier on the bike. From bike shorts to jerseys, shoes, helmets, gloves, and sunglasses, it’s all about wearing the proper riding gear that fits you. The right apparel helps amp up your ride experience and performance, all while massively increasing the size of your smile. 

MTB Clothing

MTB clothing is all about a relaxed fit, excellent coverage, protection, and looking sharp on the trail. MTB shorts and jerseys are baggy and longer for knee and elbow coverage. The fabrics are breathable, stretchy, and generally beefier for added durability while riding in mixed elements. MTB helmets offer more coverage, and aggressive riders might upgrade to a full-face MTB helmet. Shoes come in flats that grip insanely well with platform pedals or clipless if you like the efficiency and security of being clipped in. 

Cycling Kits

Cycling kits for road riding is all about fitted clothing that moves with you, is incredibly comfortable, and keeps you in the fast lane. Fitted chamois shorts and bibs keep everything down-under happy in the saddle, and stretchy materials like Lycra and Nylon keep things durable, breathable, and moving. And don’t forget to protect your extremities with a lightweight ventilated helmet, efficient and stiff clipless road bike shoes, and padded gloves that soak up road vibration. 

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes keep your feet protected and bring on more powerful and efficient pedaling. From hard-hitting flat shoes for trail riding, to stiff and light clipless road bike shoes for race day, the best cycling shoes fit and perform well for your riding style. Road bike shoes are stiff, snug-fitting, and clipless for more power transfer from leg to pedal, resulting in faster speeds. Mountain bike shoes come in clipless or flats with a grippy stiff rubber bottom that holds on tight to platform pedals.

Bike Helmets

Bike helmets are crucial for keeping your head protected, and if you don’t wear one, we’re telling your mom! There’s a variety of helmets on the market, from lightweight and well-ventilated road helmets to MTB helmets with more head coverage and a thicker, stiffer outer shell. MIPS helmets are a no-brainer with added multi-rotational protection and come in road and MTB styles. The best helmet to choose is the one that fits your head well, is comfortable so you’ll want to wear it, and is designed for your riding style. 

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