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Road bike kit for beginners

By Jonah Baca


More people are joining the ranks of road cyclists than ever before, but picking out gear can be a little confusing for new riders. We break down each piece of apparel you should have and recommend comfortable, durable options to get you out on the road with as little fuss as possible.   

Beginner road cycling kit


Road bike shorts have a built-in chamois pad to keep you comfortable (and yes, they’re meant to be worn without underwear!). The quality and fit of a chamois can make or break a ride; chafing down there is no fun!  

We recommend spending a little more to get an option with a high-quality chamois. The Giordana FR-C Pro bib shorts feature a four-layer chamois infused with aloe vera to fight bacteria and promote healthy skin. Giordana is a premium Italian apparel brand and has been one of our favorites for years. 

Giordana FR-C Pro Bib Shorts Women’s Black - $224.99
Giordana FR-C Pro Bib Shorts Men’s Black - $249.99


POC road jersey
Leaving the house in skintight lycra can feel weird at first, but rest assured: there are practical reasons for the snug fit. Don’t be afraid to rock a tighter jersey: It will wick sweat away, prevent any flapping fabric, and even provide some aerodynamic benefits. 

We like the POC Essential road jersey. It’s the perfect blend of simple aesthetics and excellent performance.

POC Essential Road Logo Jersey Women’s Uranium Black - $99.99
POC Essential Road Logo Jersey Women’s Fluorite Green - $99.99
POC Essential Road Jersey Men’s Turmaline Navy - $119.99
POC Essential Road Jersey Men’s Propylene Red - $119.99


Giordana bike gloves
There’s some argument over whether you should wear gloves on a road bike, but when you’re starting out, some simple, lightweight, fingerless gloves will wick sweat away from your palms to keep you cool and provide consistent grip. 

Our pick is the lightly-padded fingerless Giordana Strada glove.

Giordana Strada Gel Women's Gloves Black - $29.99
Giordana Strada Gel Gloves Black - $29.99


A lightweight sock that wicks moisture and keeps your feet dry is underrated. The Supacaz socks are a stylish option at a great price.

Supacaz SupaSox Asanoha White and Coral - $6.99
Supacaz SupaSox Asanoha Neon Orange and Neon Purple - $6.99


Mavic Cosmic Shoe
Road shoes deserve an entire post of their own, but our advice is to start simple. There’s no need for new roadies to spend hundreds on the latest pro-level shoes, but some upgrades can be had for a great price and will help your shoes fit better. 

The Mavic Cosmic is a great entry-level with the reliable Boa system that’s easy to adjust during a ride.

Mavic Cosmic Boa Road Shoe Black - $114.99
Mavic Cosmic Boa Road Shoe White - $114.99
Mavic Cosmic Boa Road Shoe Red Orange - $114.99
Mavic Cosmic Boa Road Shoe Total Eclipse - $114.99

This is just a starting point to get you on the road. Experiment with different options to find what works for your climate, your rides, and your body. Wear what feels right and just enjoy the ride.

Feel free to leave questions and suggestions down in the comments; we love to hear what works for different people.

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