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Pinarello Bikes & Framesets For Sale

Shop new and used Pinarello bikes for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse Pinarello road and gravel bikes including models like the F10, Dogma, Prince, and more. 

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Pinarello bikes are for the roadie’s roadie. Inspired by Giovanni Pinarello’s racing career, these frames captured seven Tour wins in the last decade. One ride and you’ll understand why. 

Where are Pinarello Bikes Made?

Pinarello is an Italian bicycle manufacturer known for high-end road bikes. The company was founded in Treviso, Italy in 1952 by Giovanni Pinarello.

While Pinarello is an Italian brand, not all of their bikes are made in Italy. Here's a breakdown of their production:

  • High-end models (like the Dogma F12 and F10) are still hand-made in Pinarello's factory in Treviso, Italy.
  • Some mid-range models are made in Italy, while others are produced in Asia, particularly in Taiwan.
  • Entry-level models and some mid-range models are largely made in Asia, especially in Taiwan and China, where many bicycle manufacturers have production facilities.

What are Pinarello Bikes Known For?

Pinarello is amongst a small group of prestigious Italian bicycle manufacturers known for producing high-performance road bikes. They have a strong reputation in the cycling world for a number of reasons including their craftsmanship, style, and prestige. 

Pinarello Road Bikes 

Pinarello road bikes bring the Golden Age of cycling to modern technology. With roots in the old guard and Grand Tour wins in the new, Pinarello commands the cycling world with the Pinarello Dogma steed. 

Pinarello Gravel Bikes 

It’s a carbon world, and Pinarello gravel bikes are thriving in it. The brand’s signature style dominates the visuals of Pinarello gravel bikes, and the ride quality is a masterclass in carbon. Hint: the Grevil gravel bike

Pinarello Tri Bikes 

Pinarello triathlon bikes challenge in stage races and triathlons alike. Cameron Wurf rode the Pinarello Bolide in 2019 to set the Kona world record, a feat that landed him a spot on Team Ineos a year later.

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