Surly Bikes

Surly Bikes

Surly Bikes was born in the 90s, bringing MTB to more people. The first break was quality, affordable fat bikes, and today they make serious bikes for people that span the spectrum—kitted up or not. 

Surly Mountain Bikes 

Carbon is all the rage, but steel is real. Surly mountain bikes use steel frames with modern geometry that ride great and cost less. These bikes aren’t for elite racers: Surly builds bikes you want to use. 

Surly Fat Bikes 

Surly fat bikes were the OG loose-terrain adventure bikes. A huge upgrade from early fat bikes with homemade wheels and forks, Surly fat bikes were an instant hit in sand and snow. 

Surly Bikepacking 

Surly’s commitment to creating quality bikes at a great price won fans in the bikepacking audience. Surly bikes are easy to set up for bikepacking or commuting with racks, packs, and bottle cages.