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Bike Components For Sale

Find all the bike parts you need in one place to upgrade your ride today. Browse our collection of bike dropper posts, derailleurs, chains, and more.


Bruce knows the Flint Hills of Emporia, Kansas well, having ridden Unbound Gravel multiple times and understands that key components can have a big impact on how you feel for the long haul. Click here to watch how Bruce is getting more comfortable on the bike for this years race.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

One of the best parts about biking, excluding actually getting out for a ride, of course, is the ability to customize your rig to suit your needs and style. Bikes are easy to upgrade with the vast amount of brands out there making components, creating an infinite amount of customization opportunities. 

Whether swapping out your stock alloy handlebars for a lightweight carbon upgrade or simply switching out stems to get that extra bling, The Pro’s Closet has you covered! 

Shimano Components

Tracing their roots back to 1921, Japan,  Shimano Bike Components has been producing high-quality, reliable bike parts for over a century. Shimano bike parts are some of the most widely used components in the industry today, good luck finding a bike company that does not spec at least one build with Shimano components. 

From bike stems to carbon rear derailleurs, Shimano is known for its reliability and clean, functional looks that complement any high-end road or mountain bike. 


Shimano MTB

When flying down a mountain at 30+ mph, it's always good to know your equipment will stay strong and perform the way it should. Shimano MTB components are bulletproof and will never have you second-guessing; are my brakes going to work? Shimano groupsets and pedals are of the highest quality, with plenty of options to choose from based on your budget.


From the entry-level Tourney line of components to the elite and lightweight XTR groupsets, there are hundreds of options to choose from, many cross-compatible as well. Shimano also has a dedicated gravity line of components, consisting of the budget-friendly ZEE and World Cup caliber SAINT. 


Shimano Road 

Shimano road components are a common sight to see among Tour-de France teams and privateer racers alike. With crisp and smooth shifting, powerful braking, and lightweight performance, Shimano strives to create the best in road bike components. 


Ranging from the Tourney groupsets all the way up to the premier Dura-Ace line, there is a Shimano groupset for any build. Shimano has also dove into the world of electric shifting with their Di2 electronic shifting derailleurs. 


SRAM Components

Founded in 1987, SRAM first hit the market with its Grip Shift road shifter. Soon after, they entered the expanding mountain bike market with a refined version of that same shifter. Ever since, SRAM has strived to be the top name in all bike components, backed by their reliability and outstanding quality. Today SRAM continues to develop high-end bike components while pushing the boundaries by consistently innovating new technologies.



A popular choice between World Cup racers and weekend warriors alike, SRAM MTB components have created a reputation of reliability and consistent performance throughout their product lines. The innovators of 11 and 12-speed drivetrains now lead the way with their AXS wireless shifting. SRAM continues to find ways of making their great products even better. 

From the budget-friendly GX Eagle groupset to the premier XX1, all SRAM components receive trickle-down technology to ensure the best features are spread throughout all product lines. 




From the beginner-friendly Apex line of components to the top-end RED groupsets, SRAM road components are built to withstand the most demanding road and gravel adventures. SRAM is one of the few companies that make a gravel-specific groupset with their XPLR line able to withstand grueling days on rough, chattery roads with ease.

SRAM has a groupset made to match just about any bike and budget, so check them out today!

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