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Evil Bikes

Based out of Bellingham, Washington, Evil Bikes makes some of the best trail and enduro bikes, with each model having the same goal; shred hard, party harder. 


Evil Bikes have become known for their unique and low center of gravity link-driven single-pivot rear suspension design. It not only provides enough pop to bounce around from line to line on the trail, but it eats up everything in its way when speed is the name of the game. The low positioning of the linkage and shock allows for insanely controlled cornering. Imagine being attached to a rail zipping around a turn, that is the Evil way. If your desires on the trail are focused on having fun, sending gaps, and chasing that rider's high, Evil Bikes are worth checking out. 


Evil Mountain Bikes


Evil makes a gravel bike (more on that later), a dirt jump bike, and currently, four models of mountain bikes, all built to party. The Evil Following is their XC bike, or what they coin it as, shred trail 29 bike. Think down-country, but cooler. The Evil Following has 120mm of travel and 29” wheels. Next in Evil’s lineup is the Evil Offering. A 29” 140mm trail bike designated as the quiver killer bike, made to handle epic backcountry rides or tick-off laps in the bike park. At the top of their 29” category sits the Evil Wreckoning. This 166mm bike is practically a pedal-assisted DH bike, made to huck massive drops and jumps in Rampage, then race enduro the next day. Rounding out Evil’s mountain bike line is the Evil Insurgent. The Insurgent is designed to either destroy berms, snipe switch-backs, and inspire massive whips in its 27.5” mode or plow lines, ride steep slabs, and eat trail chunder in the 29”/27.5” MX version. No matter your riding preference, Evil has a mountain bike made to suit your needs. 


Evil Wreckoning


The Evil Wreckoning is the weapon of choice for those seeking downhill bike performance in a package that can still climb to the top where shuttles and lifts can't go. The Wreckoning V3 features 166mm of trail-eating travel complimenting the 29” wheels perfectly, yet remaining poppy enough for boosting the biggest jumps and stable enough to podium any enduro race. Launched in 2016, this monster has been praised for its ability to climb well and descend even better. Take it to the bike park or lap your favorite trails, the Evil Wreckoning is the ultimate gravity weapon for those seeking complete downhill performance. 


Evil Insurgent


The Evil Insurgent is the perfect blend of enduro performance and maneuverability. Able to run in either full 27.5” or 29”/27.5” MX options, the Insurgent does it all. The Insurgent V3 boasts 168mm of travel compared to Insurgent V1’s 150mm, letting you air that jump just a little further than you thought possible. Race enduro then hit the jumps after, the Evil Insurgent is a swiss army knife able to handle any task. 


Evil Following


Evil uses the word pop frequently when describing the Following, and for a good reason. The Evil Following is an incredibly playful trail bike that will fly up any climb then rocket back down. Is it an XC bike? Or a down-country bike. Evil likes to describe it as the bike that started the shred-trail 29 movements because while it does climb exceedingly well, it shreds just as hard, if not harder on the descents. If you’re seeking one trail weapon to rule them all, look no further than the Evil Following. 


Evil Chamois Hagar


The Chamois Hagar is the gravel bike to rule all gravel bikes. Not only will this gravel bike absolutely rip on singletrack, but it will handle all-day epics on back roads like nothing. With geometry that rivals most modern mountain bikes, the Chamois Hagar is incredibly stable at speed and begs to be ridden faster. With clearance for up to 50c tires, the Chamois Hagar will grip where most other bikes in its category won’t, and it doesn't stop there. Internal dropper post routing and a 66.67-degree head angle mean this bike will descend the steepest roads and trails that most other gravel bikes won't even dare to try. The Chamois Hagar is the mountain biker’s gravel bike or the gravel rider’s mountain bike? Either way, this bike shreds!


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