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Bikes are meant
to be used.

The great thing about bikes is that you’re the motor.

Geometry, fit, and components are more important than a few grams saved from a lightweight frame, a few watts shaved, or an imperceptible increase in stiffness. A model from last year, or several years ago, might make you happier than the alleged latest and greatest. 

Yes, we’ve got used bikes for sale. Used bikes with a top-notch shop standing behind them. We professionally evaluate all the bikes we sell, making sure they’re not only safe and reliable but tuned to perfection before we offer them up.

Anything broke or worn out we replace before it is posted. We take back our bikes within thirty days and even have an 18-month satisfaction policy. Check it out; it’s new bike protection for previously-owned whips. 

Dig into our filters and you’ll see we have women’s bikes for sale. Some manufacturers embrace adjusting geometry and suspension tune for women. Not all manufacturers believe there should be a separate category; it generally means the frames carrying such labels often have a geometry that is adjusted for someone who is lightly longer-legged and shorter-torsoed. And not all women fit such bikes any better. 


Road bikes are used plenty. We’ve got lots of used road bikes for sale. They’re workhorses, and designed to last and last, giving you years of service. Just lube the chain as needed and replace tires when worn, and cables when tired.

Whether it’s the shiny and high-tech ride from Cervélo that could slot in on the WorldTour or a classic steel Bianchi worthy of Eroica, or a flat-bar townie, a road bike will happily ride all the miles you want and be ready for more. 


Used mountain bikes for sale at TPC are a second-chance bonanza. That Yeti you were always hankering for to tackle rough terrain. Last year’s Stumpjumper, the king of trail mountain bikes. No matter your riding style, wheel size preference, trail bike or enduro bike, TPC makes choosing a mountain bike a fun time.

A chance to experiment with 27.5” wheels on the Santa Cruz Chameleon. Trying a different level of suspension. The possibilities are endless. 


Used gravel bikes might seem surprising, as gravel has been officially a thing for only a short while. Truthfully, all road bikes were once gravel bikes, and even a decade ago “Roubaix” bikes were going in the direction of modern gravel. From there, the evolution is as if the Roubaix bike married a cyclocross bike and gained some tire clearance. Gravel bikes are everything from road bikes with more room for tires, to cyclocross bikes with greater stability, to drop bar mountain bikes, sometimes all at once. 


E-Bikes take many forms. From powerful pedal-assist bikes like the Serial 1 to a full-suspension e-MTB like the Trek Powerfly, to an assisted road bike like Cannondale’s Neo. There’s a motor, range, and style for nearly every rider.

Maybe it’s making a 40-mile one-way commute easier. Maybe it’s keeping up with your kids or spouse. Maybe it’s getting up the mountain because you dislike lifts but love downhilling. 


Buying used is not only fun but smart. So many choices. So many model years. No worries about supply-chain disruptions.

There might be signs of wear, but when bikes roll out of The Pro’s Closet, they’ve been inspected, worked over, and reconditioned to be in like new condition.

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