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Enduro Mountain Bikes For Sale

Shop new and used Ednuro mountain bikes at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse popular enduro MTBs like the Specialized Enduro, Pivot Firebird, Santa Cruz Megatower, and more. Find specs, prices, weights, and more.

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What is an Enduro Bike?

Enduro bikes are the perfect blend of downhill capability and climbing efficiency, a marvel of modern engineering designed for riders who crave the adrenaline rush of descending steep, rough trails but still need to pedal uphill. These long-travel bikes (150-180mm) are much more robust than your average trail bike, boasting slack geometry and extended travel to handle the roughest terrains.

The Specialized Enduro is a pure-bred enduro racing machine. 

The Best Enduro Bikes

When it comes to selecting the best enduro bike, look for a bike that balances downhill prowess with uphill efficiency. Key features include a durable frame, long travel suspension, and responsive brakes. Some top-tier options in the market include models from brands like Trek (Trek Slash), Specialized (Specialized Enduro), and Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz Megatower), all of which offer incredible handling, outstanding performance, and the ruggedness required to take on any trail.

The Santa Cruz Megatower has all the features any pro would look for in a race bike. 

How To Race Enduro

Enduro racing is a thrilling multi-stage format that combines the best aspects of downhill and cross-country racing. Typically, a race lasts one or multiple days, with each day consisting of three to six stages. Each stage begins with a timed downhill run, followed by a climb or transfer to the next stage. What makes Enduro racing so unique is its emphasis on descending speed and climbing efficiency, providing riders with a comprehensive test of their mountain biking skills.

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