Trek Mountain Bikes


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Trek Mountain Bikes

Trek got into the mountain bike game with the 850 in 1983. In 1993 Trek created their first carbon-fiber MTB, weighing 1.29kg, then went cutting-edge with the 1995 Y33 URT bike.  

Thanks to size and restlessness, they’ve been evolving their designs, tweaking, adjusting, and creating custom suspension elements, all in the pursuit of the best ride. Unlike most large brands, Trek is not afraid to do things differently like the Stache, a 29+ hardtail designed for trail riding, and the Remedy, a 150mm trail-destroying rig. They have electric mountain bikes for sale, too.


Trek Slash


Trek's Slash 8 took top honors as Bike Radar’s Enduro Bike of the Year as a mid-level enduro bike. The Slash 7 is an affordable aluminum build that still shreds hard, and the Slash 9.9 is built with top-shelf components and a full carbon frame. It’s a 170/160mm travel 29er enduro whip that keeps the weight down with an efficient position for climbing. The Slash is full of details and features, like the Knock Block system to prevent the fork from slamming the downtube, armor running most of the frame and a hidden storage compartment for spare tubes and tools. 

Trek Fuel

The Fuel began its journey as a cutting-edge full-suspension cross-country bike for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. It has evolved into a trail bike, with 130mm travel in the back and 140mm upfront. With all Trek bikes, the higher the number in the name, the more premium the build spec. The 5 is the entry-level, then the 7, 8, and 9, with 9.8 and 9.9 representing full-carbon frames. The Top Fuel edges toward XC with a super-light frame and 120mm of travel.

Trek Supercaliber


The Supercaliber is a short-travel, 60mm, full-suspension bike reintroduced in 2019. The short travel is designed to make the suspension active and fast, perfect for XC. The Supercaliber has none of the typical drawbacks associated with full-suspension designs. It's crazy-light with hardtail-like stiffness and a stay design that’s 100% active to absorb all the small hits without hurting efficiency. If a full suspension XC bike is not your thing, the hardtail Procaliber is the XC racer you need. 


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