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Trek Stache For Sale

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The Trek Stache is a 29+ hardtail with a 120mm fork and sliding dropouts. 3.0” tires offer compliance and incredible grip. The bike scoots up climbs thanks to a lightweight frame and rigid rear. Sliding dropouts allow the rear wheel to get tucked tightly underneath for efficiency, and a reactive ride, down to 405mm even with 3” tires, and a way to run it as a single-speed.  

2020 Trek Stache - Weight, Specs, Price

2020 Stache 9.7 (Med)




Wheel Size


28.3 lbs

F: 120mm


The Stache arrived in 2013 with 2.3” tires, a 120mm travel fork, and an aluminum frame. A trail-oriented hardtail with 1x and 2x versions available. The current monster configuration, 1x only, debuted in 2016, with Boost spacing, 3.0” tires and a raised right chainstay. There was even a rigid-fork version, the Stache 5, for old-school simplicity and cutting-edge practical tech. 2017 brought out a carbon-fiber frame, and since, aluminum and carbon-fiber versions have been available, providing cross-country speed on a low-key trail platform. If you’re looking for a high-tech ride that is efficient and rides over everything, the Stache has the bars you want to grab.

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