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Bike Forks & Rear Suspension

Shop bike forks & rear suspension parts for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. We carry products from top brands like RockShox, Fox, Cane Creek, Marzocchi, and more. Find specs, prices, reviews, and more. 

Why (& When) You Should Upgrade Your MTB Suspension

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Ride the trail with confidence when you understand the ins and outs of bike forks and rear suspension. Whether you're an experienced mountain biker or a road cycling enthusiast, a well-chosen fork and suspension system can drastically enhance your biking experience. Uncover the role suspension plays in different cycling disciplines and learn to choose the right fork or shock for your ride.

Understanding Bike Forks

Bike forks do more than just steer. In mountain biking, your fork's suspension travel can make all the difference. XC bikes typically offer suspension forks with a travel range of 100-120mm, perfect for moderate terrain. For the more adventurous, enduro bikes can provide up to 180mm, while downhill bikes boast massive 200mm triple-crown forks akin to those on motocross bikes. Road bike enthusiasts will prefer rigid carbon forks that offer aerodynamic superiority with zero compliance.

Fox has a fork perfect for every off-road discipline, from gravel to downhill. 

Decoding Rear Suspension

Equally important as the fork, the rear suspension provides movement to the rear wheel via carefully engineered linkages. Mountain bikes utilize rear shocks to enhance maneuverability and absorption on uneven terrain. Learn to distinguish the subtle differences between rear suspension models and arm yourself with knowledge that lets you rule the trail. 

The Trek Supercaliber has an integrated rear shock providing 60mm of travel to the back wheel. 


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