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Marzocchi Suspension

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Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Review - A TPC Quick-Take

The Marzocchi Bomber Z1 has a storied history, revered for its robust construction and performance. Initially celebrated for its pioneering design, it faced stiff competition over the years and has made a significant comeback under Fox's ownership, offering a budget-friendly yet high-performance option for trail and enduro riders.

Known for their bombproof construction and smooth damping, Marzocchi forks were once a staple on bikes worldwide. After being acquired by Fox in 2008 and then going dormant, the brand has been revived by the Swedish company Boxer. The Z1 aims to recapture the glory days while modernizing for today's aggressive trail and enduro riding.



  • Stout construction with a burly 36mm stanchion chassis that inspires confidence on rough terrain
  • Smooth and controlled travel thanks to the GRIP damper with high/low-speed compression and rebound adjustment
  • Excellent small bump sensitivity from the new EVOL spring and token-tuned air spring curve
  • Easy serviceability with a conventional open bath damper and readily available spare parts
  • Stylish vintage-inspired look with cool color options like the classic Bomber red
  • Impressive value for a high-end fork


  • On the heavier side at around 2100 grams for the 170mm travel 29" option
  • Some riders report a slightly underdamped feeling on bigger hits
  • The air spring curve could use more progression for harder charging
  • Lacks higher-end chassis options like 35mm stanchions or a dual crown version
  • Somewhat limited aftermarket tuning options compared to RockShox or Fox

Bottom Line:

The Marzocchi Bomber Z1 is a successful revival that captures the simplicity and robust feel that made the brand's forks legendary. With smooth damping, good sensitivity, and a confidence-inspiring chassis, it performs admirably on everything from heavy-hitting enduro tracks to rowdy trail riding. While it's not quite at the cutting edge of weight or adjustability, it is an excellent value option.

For riders who appreciate the vintage cool factor and no-nonsense damping performance of the original Bomber forks, the Z1 nails the heritage feel. Some may want a more progressive air spring or refined high-speed damping control. But for the vast majority looking for a hard-charging, hard-working fork, the reborn Marzocchi delivers in style. It's a worthy modern successor to the Bomber legacy.