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Buying a Pre-Owned Bike: Four Buyer's Guides

Our four Buyer's Guides help you decide what kind of bike is right for you, covering road, gravel/cyclocross, mountain, and women's specific bike categories.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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At The Pro’s Closet, we are all about finding the right bike for you. We want you to feel the same joy we feel when riding. But with so many different bikes to choose from, finding the right one can be a challenge. Bikes are constantly evolving. There are so many distinct but similar categories that buyers can get overwhelmed by the huge range of options.

Buying a new bike should be exciting, not confusing. We want to help make this process easier for you. Our Buyer’s Guides are designed to educate you about current bike categories, technology, and trends so you can find the bike that best suits your style and needs.

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These guides are split into four major categories: road bikes, gravel and cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, and women’s bikes. Each guide breaks down its category and explains bike-specific terminology so you can understand what to look for when making your next purchase. 

Bikes are amazing machines and they represent so many different things to different people. They’re fun exercise tools. They’re racing weapons. They open up the world to exploration and adventure. Some riders like paved roads, others like rocky trails. There’s a bike out there for both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. Here, you can find it.

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Road Bike Guide

Road Bike Buyer's guideRoad bikes are the most popular type of bike we sell. Riders use them for everything from commuting to exercise to competitive racing. They can range from aerodynamic speed machines to relaxed long-distance cruisers. If the majority of your riding is going to be on paved roads, then a road bike is going to be the ideal choice. These bikes are designed to be efficient and fast on smoother surfaces. This guide covers road racing, endurance, and touring bikes.

Read the Road Bike Buyer’s Guide.

Gravel and Cyclocross Bike Guide

Gravel Bike Buyer's guideGravel riding is one of cycling's fastest-growing segments. Gravel and cyclocross bikes are similar to road bikes but use wider tires and other off-road components to allow them to comfortably ride on dirt/gravel roads and mellow trails. They are great for exploring quiet backcountry roads and participating in gravel or cyclocross events. This guide covers gravel all-road, gravel adventure, and cyclocross race bikes. 

Read the Gravel and Cyclocross Bike Buyer's Guide.

Mountain Bike Guide

Mountain bikers getting rad on a trail

Mountain bikes help riders tackle off-road trails ranging from cross-country adventures to high-adrenaline downhill riding. Mountain bikes have evolved in recent years to cover a wide range of riding styles and provide riders with the most diverse amount of options to suit their specific needs. Riders have to choose their ideal geometry, suspension, wheel size, components, and more. This guide covers cross country (XC), trail, and enduro mountain bikes.    

Read the Mountain Bike Buyer's Guide.

Women’s Bike Guide

Two women on a bike ride

Women’s specific bikes cater to the anatomic needs of female riders. Any style of bike can be women's specific. The bigger question is whether women need to focus on only women's specific bikes or if they should expand their search to the wide array of unisex bikes on the market. This guide covers the geometry and component differences between women's specific models and unisex offerings.

Read the Women's Bike Buyer's Guide