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Climbing Road Bikes For Sale

Shop certified pre-owned used and new climbing road bikes for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, prices, and more. Browse climbing bikes from top brands like Trek, Specialized, Canyon, and more.


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What makes a road bike good at climbing? A few factors go into creating the best climbing road bikes, mainly wheels, frame material, and gearing. 

A road bike with light-weight wheels, ideally carbon, will take less effort to pedal and accelerate faster than one with alloy, metal wheels. 

On the topic of carbon, a stiff and light frame made from carbon fiber will accelerate faster thanks to its weight-to-strength ratio, with more of your pedaling power being transferred to the ground. 

Finally, gearing will play a large part in the speed you climb. If you have a huge gear range with triple chainrings, this can help power up steep grades, but you will not be going fast doing it. Strong legs will obviously help you power up climbs, but gearing is also just as important. 

Best Bikes For Climbing

Lucky you, The Pro’s Closet has hundreds of options to find the best road bike to suit your climbing needs. Shop climbing bikes like the Specialized TarmacGiant TCR, and so much more to fit your budget. We also have a large selection of wheels from ENVEZipp, and Mavic that will transform your ride to conquer any hill. 

Each company has a bike better suited to climb over other models. What makes these bikes different is mainly geometry and frame material. Most bikes are carbon with a few aluminum and titanium options. Geometry consists of mostly steep head tube angles, short wheelbases, and shorter reaches, all allowing you to hammer out miles while ascending the steepest peaks. 

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