Giant Road Bikes


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Giant Road Bikes

Giant road bikes turn heads and fuel the need for high-performance speed, handling, and comfort. Several popular models complete their lineup, like the lightweight and aero Propel, the race-ready TCR, and the endurance dream Defy. From light and stiff Advanced carbon fiber frames or affordable aluminum, beat your personal best, or train for a World Cup event, a masterfully designed Giant road bike is ready to get you to the finish line. 

Giant TCR


The Giant TCR is a strikingly aggressive road racer that’s remarkably comfortable and downright exciting to ride. Giant has perfected the balance between stiffness and compliance using their D-shaped carbon seatpost and aerodynamic tube shape, creating an efficient, quick-handling, and fast as lightning road bike. Check out the Giant TCR Advanced for the complete package. Come race day or beating your personal best, the TCR is the high-performance road bike that’s ready to take on the competition. 

Giant Defy


The Giant Defy is the best in class in the world of high-performance endurance bikes. The D-Fuse seatpost and 32c tires make for a smooth and comfortable ride, even on bumpy or slightly gravely terrain, while the sportier geometry and top-notch components and frame make for an efficient and quick handling ride. Spend all day comfortably riding the road, and when the pavement ends, your ride doesn’t have to.


Giant Propel


The Giant Propel continues to push forward quickly and define what a dynamic aero-road hybrid bike should be. One of the first bikes on the market to incorporate disc brakes for faster-stopping power no matter the conditions, the Propel is a pure aero-hustler that embraces speed, efficiency, and sharp handling. You’ll feel the stiff and efficient ride right off the bat, from the first pedal stroke to the finish line, because this is a downright fast and confidence-inspiring aero-ride.

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